Adding Series from YouTube?

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Adding Series from YouTube?

Postby Seiryu » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:01 pm


I've noticed that quite a few YouTube web series are in the database, but there are also quite a few missing. Are there any guidelines regarding what counts as a series when it comes to YouTube channels?

For example:

This series was already existing, but only had the 2017 "season", and that was missing some episodes. I just finished updating it with the full information for all videos posted by that YouTuber since his channel's inception in 2012. The special episodes I listed are 2-part collaborations in which one part was on the main series channel, while the other is on a different channel (I intend to add the video thumbnails as episode images as well, but that will take some time since they need to be resized, but I digress). Would doing something like this for other YouTube series be appropriate? IE: just listing every single video that appears on a user's channel with the "seasons" being defined by the year uploaded?

I intend to make offline backups of channels I enjoy so that in the event of them being removed or if my internet is unavailable or whatever I would still be able to access them. For simplicity of sorting and cataloging these backups I'd like to load them into my Plex server, but manually adding the metadata for an entire series on Plex is a big hassle, and I've experienced random metadata refreshed on occasion that wiped out my local data, so I would much prefer being able to have it pulling data from here. I just don't want to go to the effort of adding a series here just for it to get deleted so I wanted to get the OK before I do the work.

As an example, one series I would like to add is Markiplier (, as he has over 18 million subscribers and is one of the biggest channels on YouTube. I'm honestly surprised his videos have not already been added to the database here by one of his many rabid fans, which is kind of why I raise this question in the first place, as I suspect that maybe his channel does not qualify to be a series?


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Re: Adding Series from YouTube?

Postby Majawat » Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:59 am

Here is their official policy on Web Series and Sports: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4026


Web Series
Examples: Red vs Blue, Jake & Amir, etc.
These are now allowed on this site. Make sure you follow these rules:

For series with an average episode length of under 10 minutes, there must be at least 20 episodes to be added.
For series with an average episode length of at least 10 minutes, there must be at least 10 episodes to be added.
These first 10 or 20 episodes MUST be added immediately after the series record is created.
Series with an average episode length of under 2 minutes are not allowed. Example: failblog videos.
There must be an official order for the clips available, generally listed by upload date.

You don't have to be exact with the average length, but check out a handful of episodes and estimate. When in doubt, post on the forums with links. The length and number requirements are to keep the site focused on things that are episodic in nature instead of just a random sampling of unordered clips.

Emphasis mine.

I have been updating a few of my favorite shows as well.

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Re: Adding Series from YouTube?

Postby xrainbowlovex » Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:06 pm

What are the rules for editing youtube series/web series? I've been updating some series that haven't been updated and I read the rules but it really confused me.
Do I need to post in the forum first before editing? I obviously don't want to disrespect the person who originally posted the series.