Wiped/Lost Episodes

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Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:37 am

Hi there,

I was wondering if there were ever a plan to identify episodes of various shows that have been lost.
The way I manage my media at the moment is to use TheTVDB to show which episodes were created and then mark them as ignored on Sickbeard/Sickrage because they are not available to search for but the problem with that is that it is hard to find current information about what has and hasn't been found for different shows. This kind of information is not relevant for most shows but for the ones it was, it would be nice to mark the episode as lost/audio only/partially lost/remade as is the case with some of the Patrick Troughton era Doctor Who episodes.I had pictured it working by adding a parameter to shows to toggle whether there were lost/wiped episodes and then flag the affective episodes in whichever status they were in. The default would always be that the episode exists.

There are handy sites that identify shows with missing episodes here:

The downside to those are that they don't have the active community that TheTVDB can boast and nothing that would link to a media centre. I am not entirely convinced myself that this should be the remit of TheTVDB but this is the best site there is for TV series information. It's a big topic to broach I know, it would muddy the water with specials - eg animated specials for lost episodes (Doctor Who) and recolourised episodes (Dad's Army) I'm fairly sure are set up as specials at present. I also know that this site exists for its own purpose, not for the benefit of other tools but I think this kind of information is useful just as much as the airdate, artwork and channel.

Sorry if all this is a little long-winded and possibly in the wrong part of the forum. I was just curious to know.
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Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:37 am

These are the episodes he filmed before he walked away last year. I have read that he did not want Comedy Central to show them.