Mythbusters Season Update 07/23/2015

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Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:28 pm

And BTW, I have finally tracked down the mysterious Common Car Myths special. It is actually a DVD release, and as far as I can determine, it has never actually aired. That will get rid of the last of the bogus specials, and then all that is left is moving the few stray busters cuts that are in the regular season 2010 into specials. ... 8500030986 ... &id=408073 ... 7752&lid=7


Sat Dec 26, 2015 4:44 pm

In addition to the Buster's Cuts episodes still in 2010 it looks "Car Conundrum" could be considered a Special also as it's not listed on the Discovery guide for 2010. ... 9141&lid=7 ... -episodes/

The Science Channel is currently running a marathon of all MythBusters episodes and this one doesn't show up in the schedule. I can't seem to link directly to the day, but if you check for Thursday morning you'll see it goes from "Top 25 Best Busted Myths" (while the title is blank on the site the description matches up) to "Hair of the Dog". This skips over all of the Buster's Cuts and "Car Conundrum".

For what it's worth, Wikipedia also classifies it as a Special, ... l_episodes.

Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:26 am

Ok, I have put my 2 cents in here so much, I am going broke! I agree with papabear, Car Conundrum should also be a special, but while looking into that one, I found Top 25, which I believe should also be classified as a special. It is a compilation episode, and the new material added is the hosts discussing the myths that made the list. There are no new myths addressed. Also, it is a two hour episode, with no credit break between the hours. Although they call it a special during the episode, a great many episodes are called special, so that is really not evidence.
Also, the actual title is Top 25 Moments ... -episodes/ ... id=2249131

To get my money's worth, there are also 3 episodes from the 2004 season that are also just clip episodes, and if Car Conundrum goes into specials, these probably should also. They are the three episdes title "Best... " , and are not in the Discovery episode guide. ... 7746&lid=7 ... -episodes/

So, IMO, the above changes, along with moving the remaining Busters Cuts out of 2010 into specials, and deleting common car myths (DVD only release) from specials are all that are left to be cleaned up in the disaster that is MythBusters!


Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:55 pm

So, I'm still confused by this move (for TheTVDB anyway). This system is the most commonly used system for automation programs around TV usage due to it's open API, but a change like this drastically impacts software that leverage seasons as numbers vs years.

Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:04 pm

fmstrat wrote:So, I'm still confused by this move (for TheTVDB anyway). This system is the most commonly used system for automation programs around TV usage due to it's open API, but a change like this drastically impacts software that leverage seasons as numbers vs years.
This wasn't an easy decision but this move was done because there were no consensus about the seasons order. Some sites listed it as 18 other site wrongly the merged latest seasons together etc etc. This was bound to happen sooner or later. You can thank Discovery for that. Now it seem they pulled their heads of their asses and came out with their own streaming site which list the current season as "Season 19". But it's too late for debating this over again.
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Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:13 pm

It's too late to make the data more accurate? If we now have an authoritative season list, I think we should use it.
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Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:41 pm

Problem being: what becomes of the original listing?
Was it clearly wrong, or are we engaging in revisionism?
By whose standard?

This is actually exactly why I'm in favour of a facility whereby a network rep could say "yes, this is accurate" or "there are more episodes aired" without allowing contentious removals.

Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:39 pm

Is there any place that has a "season to year" table? Unfortunately I have everything sorted by season and everything was named to match the way the seasons were listed here at thetvdb for Kodi to scrape. I added a few episodes, refreshed the data for the series, and lost everything.

Because of the way the episodes are sorted now, I have too many in some folders and too few in others (season 2003 only has 11 episodes in it, but the old "season 1" had 16).

My files are named with the "S##E##" scheme, so I cannot just match the names and move the files accordingly. I tried XEM, but it is still way off.

Any info on a cross reference from the "old Season 1, Season 2, etc..." to the new "Season 2003, Season 2004, etc...) would be very helpful.


Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:46 pm

I know this is an old old post, I'm too late to the open feedback, and the decision is long been made, but i figured i'd post just in case i could add to the influence...

i have 1572 shows and over 26 thousand episodes in my collection and this is the only one with the seasons being listed by year. The only one. it makes no sense to me why you'd deviate from a standard that applies to 99.999% of other shows. Not only does it require renaming files, but it is so much more maintenance as well. Regex values have to be changed for various scrapers, shows are never posted with this format on the interwebs, and it's an out of the ordinary folder structure that makes comparisons difficult.

now that the show has ended, not much of an issue, but when i occasionally need to re-scrape for whatever catastrophe has occurred, i pull this show from the list and do not use TVDB.
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Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:40 pm

Thanks for stopping by. This series entry will not be changing. However, in the near future we may be able to offer alternative ordering options on the new site. Stay tuned.