Mythbusters Season Update 07/23/2015

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Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:06 am

maddoghoek77 wrote:I tried XEM, but it is still way off.
As the person who put a lot of time into it: XEM is not way off. The problem is that the confusion with Mythbusters that attributed to this particular change at the time was also confusing the scene and P2P crowd that ripped and released episodes. XEM only maps to the scene insofar as they released something and to the most popular P2P source if no scene source exists. If you have a different source than that for your episodes, the XEM mapping would not work. As things are, XEM is mostly interesting for shows as they air, not years after it. Shows like Firefly or The Transporter that aired in the wrong order that was fixed on the DVD or bluray release are particularly hairy, because that often means the scene has TV releases that follow the airing order and bluray rips that follow the proper order. Mapping both is currently impossible.

Edit: oh shit, I confused Jun/Jan and thought I was replying to a new post. My bad.