Lost mod/admin rights without notice

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Lost mod/admin rights without notice

Postby dir » Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:15 pm

I'm not sure exactly what happened and I've read through the forums to look for some indication, but I've been a member of thetvdb since the first few months it was set up, and at that time was given 'superadmin' rights because of the work I did/do in the htpc area.

When v2 became the default website, I lost my privs. I sent several PMs to many of the admins asking about this but have never been given any sort of response. I seem to have been unceremoniously dumped without explanation or cause.

I've held off for several weeks before posting this publicly to give them a chance to respond. i'm sure they're all busy but even a "sorry, give us a few weeks to sort things" would be great.

I sent PMs to hikaricore on June 19, szsori on July 14, and Coco on July 21st. I wrote:

I tried sending this to a couple of the other admins but perhaps they haven't seen it. 3rd time lucky, I hope.

I've been an admin on the v1 site ever since the site was created. I was originally involved in the development of much earlier htpc apps and, when a few admins decided to create thetvdb, I also jumped in to do my "bit".

I've been very quiet and diligently working in the background to keep my contributions going. I've stayed almost exclusively in the poker arena. I continue to be heavily involved in the poker community and try to ensure that tvdb's poker content is accurate and current. While I don't often use my admin privs often, I have always felt that I was deserving of the trust that comes from that privilege.

Now that the new tvdb site is up, I've lost that status and it may just be an oversight, but it also may be because nobody knows who I am or if I am still active on the site. I know I've had very little involvement in the broader management and upkeep of things but I've preferred to keep it that way and only work on the areas that require it from my corner of the tv world.

Tonight I tried correcting some data in a series and found that I can't do renumbering etc. because I don't have my admin privs. Again, this is only within the poker series and I'm basically an authority when it comes to ensuring poker shows have correct info, and I contacted the member who's work I needed to correct, who agreed with my suggestions. So there shouldn't be a problem with doing this, except now I can't.

Would it be possible to restore my status to previous?



I'd appreciate either restoring things to the way they were so I can continue, or some sort of explanation why this isn't possible. I think I've been a pretty good contributor over the years to this site so I'd appreciate some sort of communication.
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Re: Lost mod/admin rights without notice

Postby szsori » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:08 pm

Send me an email with your contact info: [email protected]. I think I have the correct information, but I'm validating each moderator account individually on the new site. Sorry for the oversight.