Two-Part Mini-Series Still Allowed?

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Two-Part Mini-Series Still Allowed?

Postby tv4me » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:41 pm

Greetings! Let me preface my question by saying I’ve really enjoyed contributing poster/fan art and episode information to thetvdb, and I just want to make sure I understand the rules about mini-series so I don’t accidentally waste a site administrator’s time by adding something that doesn’t belong.

My question concerns the rules about television mini-series that have two episodes (I searched the wiki and the forum to see if anyone asked a similar question about two-part mini-series, but I didn’t see anything). I was hoping to get some clarification about what types of TV miniseries are still okay to add to thetvdb and which ones are no longer permitted (which will help me understand why a two-part mini-series I recently submitted was rejected).

Currently, thetvdb has entries for several two-part TV mini-series from the 1980s and 1990s, such as the original “Bourne Identity” ( and “Stephen King’s It” ( I also found an entry for a Sherlock Holmes TV mini-series from the early 1990s titled “Sherlock Holmes: Incident at Victoria Falls” (

Regarding the latter, it was actually a sequel to another two-part 1990s TV mini-series titled “Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady” (which I unsuccessfully tried to add to thetvdb). So I’m just wondering why the sequel mini-series (“Incident at Victoria Falls”) is currently included on thetvdb while its direct predecessor is not allowed. They’re the exact same in terms of the original broadcast source, which was a two-part Canadian television production prior to being imported into the U.S. (according to the IMDB at Both mini-series are also the same in terms of the number of episodes (two per series) and having most of the same key actors/crew. Would it be possible to include “Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady” mini-series on thetvdb, or is there something that differentiates it from its sequel series and therefore disqualifies it from being added to the site? Or is it the case that neither of these 1990s Sherlock Holmes two-part mini-series belong on thetvdb, and therefore the one that is already there should be removed by an admin?

Thanks for the clarification!