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Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:08 pm

Now, there have been a number of XML problems as of late, Most of them can be fixed by users.

Try these steps to Attempt a fix before creating a thread for help.

1. Re-save the series
Open up the page that is having issues and hit save series (you do not need to make a change)
Wait 15 mins, and then seen if the XML is being generated.
Why this works
Sometimes erroneous errors sneak into the xml, and by re-saving it your force it to rebuild, possibly clearing the errors.

2. Remove out of place code
Check the series overview for any out of place tags or code.
Also if you can find where the error is happening, check that episode for similar errors.
Save, wait 15 mins and check the xml again.

Code: Select all

<p> </p> other similar things to this
Why this works
Plain text tags in the overviews will be read as actual tags by the XML, causing problems.

3. Update Queue
Go here
Series Waiting For Update: If this is a high number, then something may be wrong with the server.
Wait 15 mins and refresh the page
If the number has gotten higher, Make a thread detailing this.

4. Locked Series
If a series is locked, look for any errors (step 2) and check the queue (step 3)
If either of those are a problem, Make a thread detailing the problems you found.
A moderator may be able to fix the issues, otherwise an admin may have to resolve them.

5. If all else fails
Post a thread detailing what you tried, and the issues that you are still facing.
It may be an issue where an admin's action is required.