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Sat Apr 04, 2020 6:10 am

Hi everybody!
So I came across some songs for toddlers, called Dave and Ava. They are great, but here only part of the songs are available, and they are only in english.
I want to translate all titles to spanish, but so far, I need to

1 show the chapters list
2 enter the one I want to translate
3 click on translate,
4 scroll to select spanish,
5 Translate the title (it would be great to have at least the english title somewhere too as a translation reference)
6 Save changes
7 go back to 1

What about an option to translate on chapter's list, choose language and show a 3 column sheet? left season/episode, middle english title, right the language to be translated (either filled cells with current translation or empty cells if none available). You can translate as many as you want/need/exists, save and submit all translations at once...
Later if you want to enter description and anything else for each chatper you can access them and translate from inside, but at least titles should be easier to translate...
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