Site Speed vs Cache-Control

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Site Speed vs Cache-Control

Postby Fin » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:58 pm


I notice that most of the html files (like series or episode pages) on the site are not configured to allow caching by either CloudFlare or a person's web browser. And with the main site bogged down lately, even using the forward/back buttons on your browser is slow, due to always having to re-pull pages from the server, though they haven't been modified in hours or weeks.

And similarly, when my browser asks for the default /favicon.ico file, its not there, and a special 404 error page is being generated that takes about 6 seconds, and this page is also not configured to allow any caching.

Can these pages be configured to allow some cache time?

Btw, most of the supporting files for each page, like js or css, are being cached by my browser as expected. And even when they aren't in cache yet, they load basically instantly.