Live PD Not appearing in Search

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Live PD Not appearing in Search

Postby AngryRob » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:06 pm


About a year or so, this website went through a large update which involved the look of this website. It looks nicer than it did. Now, along with that update, something else happened. Before, I was able to search for the TV series of "Live PD" and I would get back a few results, one of which was the correct series. Since this update, I type in the series name exactly as this site has it listed and it displays many more result with none of them being even remotely close to the one requested. I can get into the series listing, but not from within this website. I now have to go to a Google search engine, type in a search for "TVDB Live PD" and then, the first link is usually right. Can we please fix this? If a 'search' function within a site doesn't show the desired result, even when spelled exactly as the site has it listed, then something is wrong. It's even frustrating that so many wrong results now come back in its place, sort of like a cruel joke. Can we also fix the fact that so many results are returned? If you have a series typed in exactly as it is spelled, there should hardly be any others returned.

Typing "PD' in a search by itself yields no results.

Search for Live PD returns the following:

Almost Live!
Can You Live Without
Can't Live Without You
Going Live!
How we used to live
I Live Alone
Later live...
Latter Live
Live Here, Buy This
Live Through This
Live to Tell
[email protected]
MMA Live
MTV Live
No One Could Live Here
SM:TV Live
TMZ Live
The Way We Live Now
We Know Where You Live
Where I Live
Where No One Would Believe Someone Could Live
Where We Live Now
You Live in What?
You Only Live Once

For the record, other shows that should have come up in this search:

Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol
Live PD: Police Patrol
Live PD Presents PD Cam

Again, please fix this, add these 4 shows.


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Re: Live PD Not appearing in Search

Postby Imzadi » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:18 pm

The search function has still some bugs. You can use trakt and follow the link there for example.

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Re: Live PD Not appearing in Search

Postby AngryRob » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:27 pm

Okay, so it has bugs. Let's get this fixed. I shouldn't have to take the long way around on a website for a simple search.