Trouble with ads changing/blocking page content

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Trouble with ads changing/blocking page content

Postby fearlessleader » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:02 am

I can understand the need to get money with ads, but...

(1) Please allocate space at the top and/or sides for the SIZE of ad you're GOING to be displaying. As it is, the screen is displayed and then suddenly things shift around as an ad is inserted. The result being: If you see what you want on the page and click on it -- bzzzt... an advert might have just appeared and you've clicked on the ad instead. Most (all?) banner ads allow you to specify the size ahead of time so you can set your html to leave space for the ad to be filled in.

(2) I *HATE* having ads along the sides that actually BLOCK CONTENT! Yes... on almost every page I display for a show's episodes the ad on the right side is actually blocking a bit of the content.

PLEASE fix these issues.