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Wed May 13, 2020 11:05 am

Good day,

In an attempt to ensure requests can be properly seen by the moderation team. We have moved some sub-forums to new areas. Additionally, we have archived the Members Helping Members forum. As it primarily contained requests for the moderation team and those requests were often missed as it was an unmonitored area.

As always it is good practice to search the forums as many questions will have been asked and answered.

If you have a question of how something should be entered or if it belongs, please first check TheTVDB Bible: Updated Guidelines, Policies, & Procedures.
If that does not answer your question please post an inquiry in Policy Inquiries

Otherwise please make series or movie change requests in their appropriate forums.

Your TheTVDB Mod team
All PM's asking for exceptions, rule changes, series unlocks et al will be ignored.