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Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:01 pm

I compared the local version to the imdb version and they match up. The local versions seem a bit too long, IMO, though. Also, I did see a few issues:
  • There's a bogus mdash char in 6x19 ("Ms. Babcock – call")
  • The summary ends with a partial sentence in 6x18
  • There are 3 bogus mdash chars in 6x16
  • The summary ends with a partial sentence in 6x12
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Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:34 pm

I think I see. Episodes 1-14 are defined correctly between TVDB and IMDB. TVDB lists The Finale (Parts 1 and 2) as episodes 15-16 because they aired next even though they would be episodes 20-21 from an alternate, after broadcast order. My preference in Plex is to have them in the latter. Does Plex work with the site?

In any case, I know understand how it is defined. Thank you.
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Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:57 pm

The beta site is going to become the main site in the very near future, and hopefully soon after that the api will have support for the order overrides options (it sounds like it will be at launch or very soon after). At that point people will need to start to request that Plex adds support for these per-series api order options, which is probably going to be the thing that takes the most amount of time (given how slow Plex is about such things).

In the meantime you have a few options:
  • One super simple kluge method would be to number them the same as on TheTVDB and then edit the air dates on the 2 finale episodes (in your Plex web admin pages) to fake dates that are after the other episodes. Because Plex's On Deck algorithm orders episodes by date, it would allow you to watch the episodes one by one in the correct order. The season would still look weird, though, and the auto-play order doesn't match the On Deck order, so you might binge watch to the wrong next episode.
  • Another fairly easy thing to do for this particular case is to manually edit the info via the Plex web-admin interface for those last 8 episodes. Since it's a pretty small number of overrides, it wouldn't be too bad.
  • The alternative to that is to add the XBMCnfoTVImporter plugin into Plex so that you can put override .nfo files into the media dir to set the title, date, etc for the problem episodes. This does mean that you'd need to construct your own nfo files based on the episode data, so it doesn't really save you any work unless you also create a programmatic nfo generation script. It is very sad that Plex doesn't support .nfo overrides on its own, and the nfo importer plugin is no longer being maintained, but it does still work.
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Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:26 am

Even easier is to just tell Plex to use the DVD order --- which already has them exactly as you want.
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