One piece wrong identification of episode

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One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby themistermd » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:23 am

Hi to all,

I'm a guy from France, and i'm a fan of the manga One Piece. Actually I use Plex Media Server to store my medias and I saw a big problem on One Piece.
Since the season 4 all the épisodes are wrong named.
After few search, i found:
The season 4 is refering to the épisodes 48 to 61 from season 1.
The season 5 is refering to the épisodes 61 from season1 to 8 from season 2 (episode 69)
The season 6 is refering to the épisodes 10 from season 2 (episode 70) to 29 from sasion 3 (episode 91)
The Season 7 is refering to the épisodes 1 from season 4 (episode 92) to 68 from season 4 (episode 130)
The season 8 is refering to the épisodes 1 from season 5 (episode 131) to 13 from season 5 (episode 143)
The season 9 is refering to the épisodes 1 from season 6 (episode 144) to 51 from season 6 (episode 195)
I've just check only this but i think it's same for the Following seasons.
My source is just wikipedia:
Actually all the seasons of this serie are locked by moderators so can you please update and correct all of this please.

Thx in advence.

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Re: One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby themistermd » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:38 am

up please

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Re: One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby Mistywing » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:39 pm


The previous information I found for moderator actions on this forum regarding this series indicate that the splits in seasons are placed in between story arcs following a now defunct source (TVRage), backed up by ANN's arc denomination (not the Funimation release!)

It also seems, from my cursory observation, that the splits are mainly guided by the year of airing, insofar that the story arc in place has concluded inside of the year, otherwise the season carries on until the arc has ended (Why the S17 of TVDB covers two years of airing, as it's one giant story arc.)

It is acknowledged that it is not an ideal way of doing it since it is not based on official material, nor is placing 852 episodes in a single season as it normally would be done for a series with no officially defined seasons.

Unfortunately due to the age of the decision in question (for these earlier seasons you reference), it is deemed impractical to change things around based on similarly vague definitions of seasons from different sources as it would essentially cause chaos for all users of the information that would be modified.

In any case and per policy, Wikipedia only is not a valid source for requesting changes. In this case, the best that could be done at the time was following TVRage and ANN, and now it's too old to switch to newer but still unofficial information.


L'information que j'ai réussi à trouver sur ce forum concernant cette série indique que la division en saisons a été réalisée en fonction des différents chapitres de l'histoire et selon une source maintenant défunte (TVRage) corroborée par les indications d'arcs d'ANN. (Pas celle de Funimation!)

Suite à une brève observation de ma part, il me semble que les divisions suivent principalement l'année de diffusion pour autant que le chapitre de l'histoire en cours a conclus durant l'année. Sinon, la saison en cours se poursuivra jusqu'à la fin du chapitre (C'est pourquoi S17 de TVDB couvre deux années de diffusion puisqu'il s'agit d'un long chapitre.)

C'est un fait admis que la méthode choisie n'est pas idéale puisqu'elle n'est pas basée sur du matériel officiel, mais placer 852 épisodes dans une seule saison comme il serait fait normalement pour une série sans saisons officielles ne le serait pas non plus.

Malheureusement à cause de l'age de la décision en question (pour les plus vieilles saisons que vous référencez), il n'est pas pratique de changer l'information actuelle en se basant sur une division différente mais tout aussi peu officielle de saisons provenant d'autres sources car cela causerait un chaos pour tous les utilisateurs de l'information qui serait modifiée.

Dans tous les cas et par politique du site, Wikipedia n'est pas une source valide d'information pour faire une demande de changements. Dans ce cas précis, la meilleure décision prise à l'époque était de suivre TVRage et ANN, et c'est maintenant trop vieux pour changer pour quelque chose de plus récent mais toujours pas officiel.


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Re: One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby Asuri05 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:52 am

Firstly, Holy cow was it hard to make an account for this damn site. Jeez what a nightmare.

Anyway, on to the issue.
The Database is using One Piece's sub arcs as seasons, not the actual seasons. One Piece works in a thing called Sagas, which contain arcs.
Currently One Piece is set up on theTVDB as Season 1 containing 8 episodes, which is wrong, even the above classification stating that ANN has listed 1-8 as season 1 is incorrect. It clearly states that S1 ends at episode 53 and episode 8 is only the ending of the sub arc "Orange Town"

Is there anyway I can go about fixing this?

It used to be correct but now it's all kinds of messed up.

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Re: One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby dantheman61 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:02 pm

When will one piece session and episodes be updated to match wiki ... e_episodes

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Re: One piece wrong identification of episode

Postby rev.pragon » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:50 am

According to the Rules, Wiki isn´t a valid Source. I appreciate that.
The Rest has Mistywing already written down. The Series won´t get changed.