Dragnet vs Dragnet (1951) vs Dragnet (1989)

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Sat May 12, 2018 12:17 pm

It looks like we got three different series here....

Dragnet - https://www.thetvdb.com/series/dragnet (77570)
Dragnet (1951) - https://www.thetvdb.com/series/dragnet-1951 (72763)
Dragnet (1989) - https://www.thetvdb.com/series/dragnet-1989 (74467)

Now, the 1951 series is the original series, and the 1989 series was the Syndicated remake. Shouldn't the first series be labeled as Dragnet (1967) instead of Dragnet for consistency sake? The series title cards were listed as Dragnet 1967 / Dragnet 1968 / etc....