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Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:49 am

If something is locked there is a reason. Search the forums for an existing thread on the topic and if there is not one, make a new one.
These series are locked for a very good reason, usually because people with the common sense of a deep fried lemming won't stop messing them up.
There have been a lot, and a I do mean A LOT of you out there reorganizing entire anime series lately. You know who you are, and so do we.
When you rename 150 episodes DELETE ME and blank out all the info in them, we have to go through and remove them one at a time... then we still have to fix your mess.
This takes an unreasonably long time and generally pisses us off because these records were accurate or nearly accurate before you changed them.
Wikipedia is not a valid source for organizing anime, there are very very very very very few cases where we even consider it as such, but none of you get that.
There's a sticky called PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING IN THE FORUMS which no one reads... it links to our wiki where we list valid sources.
If the series in question matches up to these it's generally considered correct unless otherwise noted (often these cases are documented in forum posts) somewhere.

So to recap this message.
If you find that your favorite program is locked, and you for some insane reason think it need 15 more seasons that it has here is your checklist:

1. Did I check sources?
2. Did I check sources?
3. Do not talk about fight club.