Why was my request denied?

Where rejected requests go to die.
Seriously though, we're open to discussion; but read the stickied thread first to avoid a premature termination of the conversation.
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Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:45 am

So my request has been denied, now what?

First and foremost, remember that blanking entries is a wholly destructive, completely unacceptable practice that WILL GET YOU BANNED.

Was your series mainstream, with listings on the offical site, TVrage, or TVguide?
Did you skip straight to Wikipedia for your research?
If so, you done goofed.

The problem here isn't one of consensus; it's one of synthesis, in which "defined facts" from an untrusted source are used to reinforce an initial claim. It is an unacceptable practice, is banned in academia, and is likewise banned here. If you didn't know this before, take this as your first gentle reminder; if you did know this, and figured you'd buck the trend of using reputable sources, congratulations: you're one step closer to getting your editing privileges revoked.

Now, there are times when Wikis are acceptable; hard-to-find series may have listings there. However, it should be noted that this is part of the journey, not the end destination; when a more official listing is found, it trumps the Wiki listing. Note that few non-English TVrage-equivalents are currently listed, as it is difficult to verify their integrity without speaking the language; however, making the staff aware that these even exist is the first step to acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

Was it a request to change a documentary?
Let me get this out straightaway: one-off documentary movies have no place here.
They will be deleted outright, and appropriate further action taken if necessary.

Now, that said, it should be noted that several series have contentious editing histories; in the case of National Geographic Documentaries, for instance, the network's refusal to provide data on older series forces us to consider alternative sources to their often incorrect or simply non-existent listings.

If you have any questions, here are the relevant threads to ask:
BBC Documentaries
NatGeo Documentaries
NatGeo Series

Just don't keep requesting the same denied changes, over and over, while citing Wikipedia.
The last person who did that met an unfortunate fate involving zipstrips, a length of copper tubing, and a Garden Weasel.
To add insult to injury, this was after they were banned.

Was it regarding a DVD-only feature?
As much as we'd like to archive every DVD featurette in existence, our primary goal is to record the existence of aired programming.
Anything that doesn't meet this goal is subject to removal at any time.

Was it a request to change a duplicate series, or to change the airdate listing to match your local country's listings?
Given the potential destruction and conflict caused by this practice, we go by the airdates of the original broadcast nation ONLY. Any deviance from this standard can be corrected at any time.
As for duplicate series, please try not to make them. While moderators may attempt to preserve your hours of hard work, there is no guarantee that it will not vanish tomorrow.

Save yourself the heartbreak and misery: take five seconds to do a proper search before adding a new series.

Was it a request to make the airing order match the DVD order?
Piss off. Moving on.

Was it a request about The Bible, The Lost Room, Kitchen Nightmares (US), or American Dad?
These series have erratic broadcast histories; in the case of the first two, hikaricore has been decent enough to provide custom NFO files to resolve the issue. Please be kind enough to try them before attempting to change the listing for the eight millionth time. Now that I think of it, was it hikaricore's Garden Weasel?

As for Kitchen Nightmares (US):
It's not going to change.

American Dad, as well as several other series, suffer from similar disagreements between scene releases - which commonly go by yearly seasons - and the official listings, which apparently go by whatever the hell the studio feels like on that particular day:

Unfortunately, we have to side with the official listings where inaccuracies are not rampant, in order to provide some semblance of integrity for those series' listings. If you don't approve of this practice, you're certainly welcome to ask the studios why their scheduled seasons don't match the ones you now possess.

It was none of these things, and still was denied?
You're welcome to reply in the relevant Denied Requests thread with sources to make your case (again, note that Wikipedia is an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT); however, if a moderator can provide a decent explanation for the action (lack of sources, series doesn't exist, citing Wikipedia when other, better sources conflict) and you do not provide sufficient evidence to prove your case, the decision will be final, and likely not in your favor.