Prisoner Cell Block H (multiple seasons?)

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Being new to the site I would like info on how to request the structuring of the series is changed. The show did not have multiple seasons, it was one long running show. The seasons have been set up to match which box sets they appeared on (as shown by the images on each seasons page) but these were not separate seasons. This error is making my use of the database in XBMC show the episodes as separated into seasons which is inaccurate. The first aired dates are also out (by about 20 years). This error is not crucial to my use personally but thought it should also be mentioned.

If anyone can give me advice on who to contact about this to get the seasons changed to one (albeit huge) season I would be very grateful

Thanks in advance
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Sun May 29, 2011 8:28 am


Can you provide some sources for the change(s) that you wish to make other than what you may find on Wikipedia?

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I'm afraid I dont have any sources, apart from my wife who is a huge fan and has watched every episode.

It should be fairly obvious from looking at the way the episodes are numbered (correctly) that they werent meant to be broken down into seasons. If they were meant to be it, season 2 would surely start with "Season 2 - Episode 1", not "Season 2 - Episode 83". The whole series was put onto DVD and, as there are almost 700 episodes, they were split into releases based on the year they were first aired. The box art shows this as the first one is labelled 1978/79 (in obvious contrast to the dates shown as first aired) ... 1243&lid=7

The next "season" follows on from this as a handy way of separating the huge number of episodes into sensible releases. The box art clearly shows that it contains episodes 83-165, showing a follow on rather than a new series ... 1244&lid=7

Looking at a few of the later "seasons" that have the correct air dates shows that the season went continuously throughout the year (with small breaks at christmas time). ... 1247&lid=7 ... 1248&lid=7 ... 1249&lid=7

It was essentially an ongoing soap opera that they eventually decided to finish off. I looked for an example to compare with and thought that the English show (I'm from England) Coronation Street would be a good example as it has been continuously on air for over 50 years, but your records of that are not complete and also show it broken down into seasons. I do appreciate that this might be used as a way to keep a large list manageable (and Coronation Street has had probably about 4000 episodes now so I can see how cumbersome a single series of that would be) but Prisoner Cell Block H has long since finished and, if accuracy is what is strived for here (its the reason i come here rather than imdb, tvrage, etc) I think it should be changed.

I apologise if this seems as some newcomer ripping into your site (I dont intend any of these comments that way).

I offer, as slight proof, a few images
This shows a different release set with less episodes per volume, episodes on volume 1 in your list currently
Shows volume 26 (with large episode numbers) from the same release but not Series X - Volume 3, or anything similar

I know this isnt the most conclusive proof but I would have no idea where else to look
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Mon May 30, 2011 7:25 pm

Generally for soap operas we like to use the year as the season. Would that be appropriate for this series?
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szsori wrote:Generally for soap operas we like to use the year as the season. Would that be appropriate for this series?
I can see why that would be beneficial and wouldnt want you to change the system just for me, I just find the current way a little frustrating. I may look to see if I can change it some way at my end rather than expect you guys to change the system you prefer

Thanks for the prompt responses though guys, great to know people here are keen to accomodate us noobs :D
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davehx wrote:I'm afraid I dont have any sources
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