Stop Prepending Series Names With The Name Of The Station...

Keep out! Low flying bears!

Mon May 16, 2011 8:25 am

I'm somwehere into addressing almost everything NatGeo -- they're all mixed up one way or the other, so I'll get to that in time as well as adding aliases like "Extreme Universe" or whatever the show was called in different areas.

Wed May 18, 2011 2:11 pm

I'm new enough around here, but have been adding a lot of National Geographic shows to my personal media library lately, so I'm going to toss in a couple of cents on this. Because, as makekineko says, the whole NatGeo universe of shows is all mixed up, it can be a painful process for end-users to figure what to do with new shows they acquire. For example, is my new download listed in "National Geographic Documentaries" or "National Geographic Channel Specials"? Or is it really an episode of "National Geographic Explorer"? You get the picture. The end-user has to search through all these different series to find where his new show goes. That is the only reasonable defense (risking the wrath of hikaricore) of having "National Geographic" prepended on the series name. I know I have a NatGeo show, I can just type 'national geographic' into the search box and then click through each likely series until I find where my new episode goes. Do I like doing it this way? Of course not. I would prefer a deep search function that allowed me to search using the episode name and would then return a list of series that have matching episodes. Perhaps such a thing is not feasible from a programming/db standpoint, too much CPU load or whatever, I don't know. Or maybe each series should have a list of search keywords that it matches without having to have those words in the actual series title. That way I could search for 'national geographic' and it would show me all the NatGeo series, and they could all still be properly named. Maybe others have better solutions. All I'm saying is, as long as the NatGeo family of series is such a mess, end users need to have some reasonably easy way to find where their new shows belong. Otherwise I think there will just be even more dupes and misplaced shows, as people randomly say "oh well, can't find it, I'll just add it here".