Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

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Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:37 am

I added Mickey Mouse (2013) with description, and IMDb series tt2768802 and was in the process of adding art, when it was deleted by "Imzadi on 2017-07-20 05:00:06" before I could even finish typing the information into the field. I hadn't even finished typing First Aired, Air Day, Air Time, Runtime, minutes, Network, Genre, Overview, etc, and I clicked enter, and when I did it said "deleted by Imzadi on 2017-07-20 05:00:06?" HOW CAN YOU DELETE SOMETHING YOU NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO READ IMZADI? ARE YOU A PSYCHIC? CAN YOU READ MY MIND? SPECTACULAR, YOU SHOULD BE ON TV YOURSELF.

So if it is here already, show me where it is? Oh ... you can't, because it is not here. So show me the rule that Mickey Mouse falls under that it cannot be on the TVDb? Because I am unable to find the rule that animated shorts do not belong here. Axe Cop are shorts, and they are included here, and by the way, at IMDb "short" is a genre just like "animation" and "comedy," why isn't "short" one of the genres here?

I have been quietly reading the rules here and observing how TVDb runs since February. and observing what happens when new people come, ask for help, and are snarky sarcastic explained, "Read the rules!" or, "Add it yourself if you want it in here!" which has coerced me into silently tolerating things about this fantastic data source that I really, really love. I have a lot of TV shows that won't scrape into my media player because we aren't allowed to have series here, and nobody can logically explain why. I bought the DVDs, I bought the blu-rays, I bought the digital downloads, why can't I see them in Kodi like I do 95% my other TV series in my library? Yes I name them properly, yes I have exhausted every search expression and scraping trick in the book, I am not a noob, don't speak to me lIke I am one. I really don't care for how I see people be berated in the forums for participating, I have wanted to participate for several months, and haven't for this very reason.

I have tried to add descriptions and seasons and episodes to a couple of UNLOCKED series here, including for instance Olympus [2015] (IMDb) tt3681794 on SyFy, which was entered in German where the English field is, where the user put their name (joe Q. stupid) where it said IMDb user in the episode, and the moderator screwed it up so bad after deleting what I entered, the metadata still won't scrape into Kodi.

I feel like I am observing the moderators like to correct people and tell them what to do, but when it really comes down to it, there are people moderating this data source who are no more informed than the people trying to help, it is a tragedy of the blind leading the blind.

I respect rules and processes, but seriously, read something before you delete it, you can't decide something doesn't belong here if you don't even read the information first, because I hadn't even put title #, source, network, etc.yet before this person deleted the series, so really, how could they know what they were deleting?

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Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby Imzadi » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:31 am

Yes, I am a Psychic. It was deleted, because it is already in our database. Do you think this was the first or second time someone wanted to added Mickey Mouse 2013? More like 50 for the past four years.

http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid ... 0837&lid=7

Reading the first paragraph of you rant, don't expect any other reply. I have no inclination to read the rest.


Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:09 am

So I am searching Google for every reference I can find using the terms, Disney, Mickey Mouse, short, animations, etc. because so far the only sources I have for you are IMDb and The Disney Channel. Then I notice something that I stumbled across when clicking a link that contained some of the episode titles for Season's 3 and 4.

I am remembering as I do this the rule in your "Deuteronomy" of rules: "...the following items are not acceptable reasoning for a request: scene/torrent/fansub releases" because at the moment all I can find are IMDb and the Disney Channel website, so then I land on a scene release blog that is offering file locker downloads of a couple random episodes from Seasons 3 and 4 from the series as the Disney Channel sees it and IMDb sees it, and I see the most glowing review for this series, but it doesn't jive with what I've read at IMDb or Disney Channel, and then I click on a link at the scene release board to TVDb and I find why a moderator believes the series exists here, why I couldn't find it using the "reputable" sources as the admin sites them:

Which came first, the copy+paste on the TVDb or the copy+paste on scene release blog?

http://scene-rls.net/mickey-mouse-s04e0 ... -x264-w4f/

This Series features all of the animated short films produced by Walt Disney and Walt Disney Animation Studios, from 1921 to the present. This includes films produced at the Laugh-O-Gram Studio which Disney founded in 1921 as well as the animation studio now owned by The Walt Disney Company, called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio (1923), The Walt Disney Studio (1926), Walt Disney Productions (1929), Walt Disney Feature Animation (1986), and Walt Disney Animation Studios (2007), and includes all of the cartoons of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Humphrey the Bear and the Disney produced Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts.

which linked back to here at TVDb:

So is copy+paste just the preferred method of providing overviews here? Because the day I spent almost 14 hours writing unique overviews for EVERY episode of SyFy's original season of Olympus (2015) in my own words, having to go back and review parts of some of the episodes again because I take medications which impair my memory, someone saw fit to edit them after the German overviews in the English speaking section hadn't been touched since 2015. They just so saw that I moved the German to German section on that day, entered English overviews in my OWN WORDS, thoughts, memories, and original expressions, when I could have just copied and pasted the overviews right out of IMDb, was A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME, they felt the need to come and change my overviews, and the German ones, even though it was fine they were in the mess they were in for the past 2 years before the day I wasted 14 hours of my precious time.

Well it won't happen again, that's for sure. Especially if people can't even take the time to PM you after all that, and say, "hey... I had to edit your overviews because they didn't meet TVDb needs in .... way." If it meant that much to this person, why did the German overviews sit in the English section for 2 years?

IMDb episode guide is showing these Mickey Mouse animations as original new series that began in 2013, the first episode of 4 unique seasons beginning on July 8, 2013. But hey, what does IMDb know, if even TVDb doesn't hold IMDb TV section in as high regard as Wikipedia's entries, at least people who work in the entertainment business have been editing IMDb for the past 15 years, I didn't know there were other sources of finding episode information than IMDb probably for the first 15 years I used the internet to check series episode information, so when I read the admin's comment that IMDb was basically a mediocre source for fact finding I found that a very dubious observation.

I love TVDb, it has made watching my TV series much more engaging, having those episode names, overviews, media info (resolution, audio, format, etc.) cast, especially the posters, banners, everything. My surly mood today doesn't reflect how I feel about TVDb and the people who keep it going, I have just encountered some really trippy angry bossy people since I started using Kodi and apps that make using Kodi better (I realize TVDb is not exclusively a Kodi API, but some of those add-on devs are unfriendly mad people to deal with when people ask questions, so I'm already neck hair sticking up when I get over here trying to figure things out). I never even asked them (Kodi devs) for help to get worked up, I got super angry watching how they treat the people going to their forums asking for help, barking at them like they are stupid street people begging for change and drug money, trying to run off with your paycheck paranoid psycho people. Nobody needs to treat people that way in their forum for asking questions. my browser is crashing,

I found more evidence about this, Disney got awards & nominations for this "new prime time" show these cartoons are, but I gotta close my browser, will post it later . . .


Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:11 am

ok sure... you're right

IMDb, Disney, creators at Disney, are wrong, if I have anymore questions I will ask you


Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:14 am


Just because the page exists, doesn't make it right. Where is your proof IMZADI? I provided proof, all you did was link to a page here at TVDb, that a misguided person copied and pasted from a subscene blog..

I can already tell I am not going to fit in around here. I deal with facts, not ignorance


Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:33 am

IMDAZI said:
Reading the first paragraph of you rant, don't expect any other reply. I have no inclination to read the rest.


I don't know why you felt the need to chime in the first place. I was addressing the serious moderators who actually care about the integrity of TVDb. thank you though . . .


Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby tekknokat » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:42 am

it will be simpler for me re-title 5 sub-directories with 4 seasons of 40+ episodes than to edit TVDb. what's a day of typing... to changing hearts and minds that are impervious to things like FACTS and SOURCES, like our kind Admin took the time to list in the rules

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Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby Maretoh » Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:10 pm

Bashing the moderators won't get you anywhere you know (except probably out of here).
Also, you can always use the NFO files:
An episode a day keeps the doctor away.

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Re: Why Doesn't Mickey Mouse (2013) tt2768802 belong here?

Postby DarklightIndigo » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:59 pm

Bye. I think this may be a record.
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