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Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:12 am
by DeadlyElixir
While Dragon Ball Z Kai has all the episode info there is only two listed seasons. I think this occurred because the first 98 episodes aired in continued succession and then stopped and started again so it was seen as a "season break" but in actuality the first 98 episodes are 4 seasons and the remaining are 3 seasons. So in total there should be a listed 7 seasons of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Each season is an arc.

Season 1: Saiyan Saga
Season 2: Frieza Saga
Season 3: Androids Saga
Season 4: Cell Saga
Season 5: World Tournament Saga
Season 6: Majin Buu Saga
Season 7: Evil Buu Saga

As someone who enjoys proper organization this bugs me A LOT and would love if someone could fix this so the season line up is more correct.

Please and thank you! :D

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:44 am
by DeadlyElixir
link to the series:
source: ... i_episodes

And let me make a point on the source since I know Wikipedia is somewhat looked down on. After reviewing all the other sources no other place really breaks down the series into an understandable seasonal/arc set up. Either lumping all the episodes together or breaking them into strange seasonal set ups (like one site had season 3 being half of the frieza fight and then being androids/cell.

The way Wikipedia has it set up as the arc makes sense for people looking for that specific arc story line and Kai didn't really have a "Season" set up due to Kai being a remastered series and released in quick succession.

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:03 pm
by macshanemike
Based on this:

That is the correct order and the TVDB represents that as well as IMBD also. Wikipedia is just making up seasons that are not accurate to the original series. I believe this resolves this request


Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:20 pm
by t4nd4r
I'm fine with it being 2 seasons only, I think the "Specials" need to be changed and added back into Season 2 where they belong and make sense as part of the story. ... th_America)

The "World Tournament Saga" all takes place in a row.

100 "Found Out! The New Hero is Son Gohan" / "A New Hero, Great Saiyaman, Is Born!"
"Barechatta! Nyū Hīrō wa Son Gohan" (バレちゃった! 新(ニュー)ヒーローは孫悟飯) April 13, 2014 January 14, 2017

101 (N/A)[n 2] "Videl's Crisis? Gohan's Urgent Call-out!" – January 21, 2017

102 (N/A)[n 2] "A Monster is Taken Away! The Culprit is Great Saiyaman?" – January 28, 2017

103 (N/A)[n 2] "Entering the World Martial Arts Tournament! Goten Shows Off His Explosive Power During Training!" – February 4, 2017

104 (101) "Gohan is the Teacher! Videl’s Introduction to Flight" / "Gohan the Teacher! Videl's Flying Technique Tutorial"
"Gohan ga Sensei! Bīderu no Bukū-jutsu Nyūmon" (悟飯が先生! ビーデルの舞空術入門) April 20, 2014 February 11, 2017

105 (102) "The Dragon Team, All Assembled! Son Goku has Returned!!" / "The Dragon Team Fully Assembled! Goku Has Come Back!"
"Doragon Chīmu Zen'in Shūgō! Kaettekita Son Gokū!!" (ドラゴンチーム全員集合! 帰ってきた孫悟空!!) April 27, 2014 February 18, 2017

106 (N/A)[n 2] "Who Is the World's Greatest? The Tournament Preliminaries Begin!" – February 25, 2017

107 (103) "Everyone is Shocked! Goten and Trunks' Super Battle!!" / "Everyone is Surprised! Goten and Trunks' Super Battle!"
"Minna Bikkuri! Goten to Toranksu no Chō Batoru!!" (みんなビックリ!悟天とトランクスの超バトル!!) May 4, 2014 March 4, 2017

108 (N/A)[n 2] "The Junior Champ Is Finally Decided! Who Will Fight Against Mr. Satan?" – March 11, 2017

109 (104) "A Troubling Premonition! The Appearance of a Mysterious Warrior!!" / "Restless Foreboding; A Mysterious Warrior Appears!"
"Haran no Yokan… Nazo no Senshi Arawaru!!" (波乱の予感…謎の戦士現る!!) May 11, 2014 March 18, 2017

110 (105) "What’s the Matter, Piccolo?! An Unexpected Conclusion to the First Round" / "What Happened, Piccolo? An Unexpected Outcome in the First Round"
"Dōshita Pikkoro!! Ikkai-sen de no igai na ketsumatsu" (どうしたピッコロ!!一回戦での意外な結末) May 18, 2014 March 25, 2017

111 (N/A)[n 2] "An Eerie Entity; Who Exactly Is Spopovitch?" – April 1, 2017

112 (106) "Videl is Worn Ragged, Gohan's Anger at its Limits!!" / Videl Battered! Gohan's Fury Reaches Its Limit!
"Bīderu boroboro, Gohan no ikari mo genkai da!!" (ビーデルボロボロ 悟飯の怒りも限界だ!!) May 25, 2014 April 8, 2017

113 (N/A)[n 2] "A Creeping Conspiracy! The Target is Gohan" – April 15, 2017

This last episode is part of the "Evil Boo Saga" and is right before the end of the series.
165 (N/A)[n 2] "Peace Returns! A Time of Rest for the Warriors!"

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:54 pm
by firrae
Hi there,

I think this should be readdressed. As per the link provided to show as proof they were properly numbered it has since seemingly been updated:

If you look at the Blu-Ray and DVD release now you will see the parts, but then individual seasons as Wikipedia had listed. I'm not sure if this was overlooked due to glancing or maybe the DBZ wiki has been edited since this post was originally created and reviewed?

You will note the following:

Dragon Ball Z Kai Season One May 22, 2012 1 - 26 Blu-ray A/B
DVD 1/4 Run-time of 625 minutes, TV-PG Rating, available on DVD & Blu-ray

Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Two May 22, 2012 27 - 52 Blu-ray A/B
DVD 1/4 Run-time of 625 minutes, TV-PG Rating, available on DVD & Blu-ray

Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Three September 11, 2012 53 - 77 Blu-ray A/B
DVD 1/4 Run-Time 625 minutes, TV-PG Rating, available on DVD & Blu-ray

Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Four March 12, 2013 78 - 98 Blu-ray A/B
DVD 1/4 Run-Time 525 minutes, TV-PG Rating, available on DVD & Blu-ray

At this time, season 5, the final season, has not been collected into a single box set and as such remains in parts only.

Maybe this can be re-looked at now that they have been added to the DBZ wiki?

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:10 am
by usamagaard
Is this topic closed? Should another one be opened? The wikia now supports the original request and I think the saga separation makes more sense when viewing the media.

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:13 pm
by laserkid
There definitely needs to be action taken on this as the 'specials' order even applies when using the DVD order (which it really should not, the home video releases all use the episode conventions of The Final Chapters).

What is going on here is there seem to have two similar yet distinct series's confused.

When Dragon Ball Kai aired in Japanese TV it was as you have season 2 of Dragon Ball Kai set up ( ... /seasons/2).

This order which does not include ANY of the episodes you have listed in specials ( ... /seasons/0).

This show is known as Dragon Ball Kai Majin Buu Saga ( - this is the show you have listed as a second season of Dragon Ball Kai, and it even has it's own distinct opening ( which is entirely different from Dragagon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters.

Dragon Ball Z Kai the Final Chapters was actually, however, the original form of this show, however due to time constraints it was changed to fill in the failing Toriko's time slot ( As such, Dragon Ball Kai Majin Buu Saga and Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters are two distinct releases with a different episode listings. The one currently being used based on Dragon Ball Kai Majin Boo Arc currently being used, and the one for Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters ( ... 5/1023367/).

Now for the sake of cutting on series clutter I can understand why you wouldn't want to list both series's separately, but could you guys at least fix the DVD order so that the episodes run in Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters order?


Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:11 am
by laserkid
Or I'm just dumb and DVD order IS actually working properly for Final Chapters order. You can ignore me >.<

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 1:02 pm
by CharlieupaTree
The metadata for Season 2: Frieza Saga is incorrect, it is referencing Season 5: World Tournament Sage.

Re: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season Changes

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:05 am
by koobie777
I created a new Dragon Ball Z Kai page with Absolute order by season and correct info per episode to help with scrapersi just gotta finish it