Naruto wrong seasons?

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Naruto wrong seasons?

Postby Jay » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:48 pm

It seems the seasons for naruto are wrong. They are stopping in the middle of fights which make no sense.

For example the end of season 1 should be episode 25 which is the end of the first exam, right now it stops at episode 35.

I will do the fixes myself if no one else wants to, wouldn't take me but a few minutes to go through them.

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Re: Naruto wrong seasons?

Postby Jay » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:44 pm

a link to the series -

As for the source i can only link a wiki.

The problem with all the other sites is for TV Shows they usually go by the wrong order for long running anime. If i had to guess i'd say it's currently using some sort of dvd order but i can't really find info on which ones (there are a bunch of different releases over the years). In any case they can be completely arbitrary and come down to how many episodes they can fit on the disk and not whether it's an actual season.

And i say season but long running anime like naruto/bleach/one piece do not have seasons, they were aired continuously over years. So imo the only good way to separate them is by the arcs. Looking at Bleach and one piece on this site and they seem to be separated into the arcs properly but Naruto hasn't been.

Here's my opinion on what the seasons should be:

Season 1 (Prologue — Land of Waves) Episodes 1-19
Season 2 (Chunin Exams) Episodes 20 to 67
Season 3 (Konoha Crush) Episodes 68 to 80
Season 4 (Search for Tsunade) Episodes 81 to 106
Season 5 (Sasuke Recovery Mission) Episodes 107 to 135
Season 6 (Not really any arcs for the rest, basically one shot stories) Episodes 136—220

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