Ross Kemp & Afghanistan

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Ross Kemp & Afghanistan

Postby sr_mclean » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:00 am

Hello Moderators,

There seems to be some double ups on 3 series under Ross Kemp

The series I'm referring to are:
Ross Kemp In Afghanistan (81325)
Ross Kemp Return To Afghanistan (84958)
Ross Kemp Back On The Frontline (253538)

Each of those series aired on Sky in their own right, in the order I've listed them. However if you look at Ross Kemp In Afghanistan (81325), someone has added Series 2 & 3 under it, capturing the next 2 titles, so there is a double up.

I suggest deleting series 2 & 3 from Ross Kemp In Afghanistan (81325) and locking it, leaving these as 3 standalone titles in their own right, as listed previously.

See source network:
Sky treats Back On the Frontline and Return To Afghanistan as their own series.


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Re: Ross Kemp & Afghanistan

Postby furby » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:50 am

Don't be afraid to add more links, I don't mind too much but it does slow things down.

Removed season 3, Back on the Frontline is clearly it's own series.
I was going to leave season 2 as is but Sky keep banging on about it being a new series (not a new season) and they make no mention of Season 2 anywhere so that was removed as well.

Thanks for posting
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