Alaskan Bush People Episode Edits

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Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:25 pm

Hi Guy's,

It seems there was some consensus in the fixing of Alaskan Bush People from Season 1 to 6, however, since then, Season 7 onward has developed errors and inconsistencies compared to Discovery's website.

The link to the show on TVDB is here:

The link to the Discovery show site is here:

I have amended the episode numbering to reflect what the Discovery website says is accurate, however there are changes/deletions that appear to be required by a mod.

They are:

Season 7:
# Name
0 Blazing A New Trail Part 2 -> Delete as it wasn't a two part episode
0 Forging a New Future -> Delete as it doesn't appear on the Discovery website at all

Season 8:
# Name
0 Secrets of the Bush -> Special not episode, Delete or move to specials
0 Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire -> Delete as it doesn't appear on the Discovery website at all

Season 9
# Name
0 This Land is Our Land -> Special not episode, Delete as it is already in the specials as episode 22 (though this is incorrect)

It seems the specials are incorrectly numbered and some are missing, but unless someone goes right back through the Discovery website and manually assigns every special it's correct sequential number and adds the missing ones (there are a few), they will never be correct as the errors date back a few years at least.
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