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Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:38 am


I was hoping to clean up the listings for PBS' Great Performances (,, as there are several duplicate episodes showing for the last two seasons. More importantly, TheTVDB is breaking up seasons for this show by year (and has already started Season 47, even though the current one on PBS' site is 46). I wanted to get this back on a "regular" season listing, starting with the current Season 46. I realize this will throw things off, but wanted to at least correct the current season and then work backwards as much as possible to get things back in sync (which I am planning to also submit requests for).

From previous discussions about their other shows, I know PBS episode numbers will not always match air date ordering, but the episode numbers provided here should follow the ordering we already have for these Great Performances episodes (just basically shifting them over to the proper season).

I wasn't sure what you would want to do with the "other" season 46 shows that would be left over if this cleanup is accepted - they eventually would have to move back to season 45, which again I would submit corrections for. I plan to go as far back as I can get info from the PBS and Great Performances site.

Season 46 (2018-2019)

Overall -
The missing ones here are mostly "Great Performances at the Met" episodes along with a few others, and those are accounted for below with individual links provided (these are links to previews, but the original air date is there)

46x01 - 2018-10-05 - GRAMMY Salute to Music Legends 2018

46x02 - 2018-11-02 - An American In Paris The Musical

46x03 - 2018-11-09 - The Sound of Music ... ew-vylgln/

46x04 - 2018-11-16 - John Leguizamo's Road to Broadway

46x05 - 2018-11-23 - Harold Prince: The Director’s Life

46x06 - 2018-11-24 - Michael Bublé: Tour Stop 148 ... 48-dd4uko/

46x07 - 2018-11-24 - Tony Bennett & Diana Krall – Love Is Here to Stay

46x08 - 2018-12-14 - k.d. lang – Landmarks Live in Concert

46x09 - 2018-12-28 - Leonard Bernstein Centennial Celebration at Tanglewood

46x10 - 2019-01-01 - From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2019 ... 19-e4e4ey/

46x11 - 2019-01-11 - The Cleveland Orchestra Centennial Celebration

46x12 - 2019-01-18 - Orphée et Eurydice from Lyric Opera of Chicago

46x13 - 2019-01-20 - Great Performances at The Met: Aida

46x14 - 2019-01-25 - Doubt from the Minnesota Opera

46x15 - 2019-02-01 - Marnie

46x16 - 2019-02-13 - Joni 75 - A Birthday Celebration ... ew-dtuxyb/

46x17 - 2019-02-15 - Movies for Grownups Awards with AARP The Magazine

46x18 - 2019-02-24 - Great Performances at the Met: La Fanciulla del West ... ew-jstsjt/

46x19 - 2019-03-02 - Andrea Bocelli @ 60

46x20 - 2019-03-22 - Birgit Nilsson: A League of Her Own

46x21 - 2019-03-24 - Great Performances at the Met: Samson et Dalila ... ew-t6leby/

46x22 - 2019-03-29 - Julius Caesar from Donmar

46x23 - 2019-04-05 - Great Performances at the Met: La Traviata

46x24 - 2019-05-12 - Great Performances at the Met: Adriana Lecouvreur ... ew-9ixrih/

46x25 - 2019-08-09 - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2019

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Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:28 pm

Just following up on this request. I can manually move these episodes, but thought it would be easier for the mods to do it - and also looking for the go ahead or advice on following up with the previous seasons.
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Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:13 am

Hello again. I've gone ahead and manually made all these changes, through season 42. So this request can be closed. I will create a separate request to remove the extra/"leftover" episodes after the move.
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Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:00 am

Hi there,

While we appreciate your desire to contribute to TheTVDB and clean up this series, and regret that we couldn't respond to your request as quickly as you might have hoped, you missed one very important guideline:
Under NO circumstances should you blank out episodes you feel need deleted. Users work hard to enter information into the database and deserve respect. If you feel an episode information needs edited, post in the forums first. This is the MAIN reason series get locked. Also, keep in mind that Admins/Mods have the ability to move, delete, renumber and edit episodes in batches. If 12 episodes of a series are currently in season 2 and should actually be in season 3, there is no need for you as a user to create the 12 episodes in season 3. Simply post in the forum with sources and an Admin/Mod can move and renumber all 12 episodes in less than a minute.
Now that you've gone ahead and renamed episodes "MOVED", we have no way of telling what was there before and therefore no way of verifying the validity of the changes you made.
Looking at the PBS website (, I'm only seeing two Season 46 episodes, but perhaps it's because I'm outside the United States.

Please provide a source (or a screenshot of a source) where we can see the complete episode listing for Season 46.
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Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:28 am

Sure, will try to take screenshots when I get a chance, but specifically for this season (46), I moved episodes from season 47 to 46, and left the names of those episodes in season 47 for you to make sure I moved those over in the correct order.
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Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:45 am

Here is the screenshot for Season 46. For the episodes that aren't showing, those should be provided with the links in my original post. Are you able to view those? If not, I can take screenshots for those. As we've discussed with other PBS shows (i.e., Independent Lens and POV), the episode numbers may not correspond with air date, but the ordering currently in season 46 (and previously with season 47) is ordered by date. I can go into each individual episode to show the date if needed, but hopefully the ordering still in season 47 can show this (also, the screenshots are still there in 47, and since we're unable to change those that should show the previous ordering). Thanks!

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Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:14 am

Season 47 has been deleted. In the future, please refrain from blanking out episodes you think should be deleted and from re-creating already-existing episodes.
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