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Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:04 pm
by Mistywing
Temporary lock while we go over this and we all have the same reference frame to discuss needed changes.

That website sure has a problem with numbers.
I'll gloss over that bad website design and go with the spirit of what they are willing to do by incrementing the episode number function of the airdates they display.

PS: Their i and l and L font choice sucks too

I spot the following "errors" along with the consequences that the numbering is different than the official site.

S05E19 : Tyler the Creator (is S06E06 with different title)
S05E20 : Chanel and Sterling XV (is S06E02)

S06E02 : Chanel and Sterling XVI (is S06E08 with wrong airdate)

And starting with Season 9, it appears it's completely useless as a source of information. Episodes are missing everywhere.
Is there another source of information for these seasons? We can't work on this otherwise :(

So, right now I can act on what I spotted above and bring it in line with the official site.

I'll say right out that I understand why the "missing" S05E19-20 are placed in S6 due to the air dates, however I'll ask the following: were they always placed in Season 5 on the official site, or is it something they did where they were first in S6 but then placed in S5?
In other words, it may be possible this was a question of different seasons of production overlapping during airing, but the intention remained clear that they were separate seasons.
However if it was a S6 to S5 retroactive change, they'll remain as S6 obviously.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 8:29 am
by hardcoreusername
Mistywing wrote:Temporary lock while we go over this and we all have the same reference frame to discuss needed changes.

Thank you for taking a look at this. At one point I had a decent grasp of what the closest to correct order for s12 was (or might be). But unfortunately I am a bit lost on anything before that. There are so many episodes and there have been so many people changing things it's very hard to follow.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 9:57 am
by briankitt
Here is the simplest way to look at this: ... es/6856155 ... es/7156147
Are both the same episode. I really don't get the confusion here. 'What is my source'? Well, my date/time stamp on 'Chanel and Sterling LXVII' falls sequentially in with S11, NOT with S12.
But really, why does the source matter? How difficult is it for people to grasp that if the episode is in S11, then, it probably doesn't need to be in S12. I've had this same conversation with far too many people, I do not understand the mystery.


Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 10:17 am
by briankitt
Here is another way to look at it. Look at decimal translations of the roman numerals.

S11E02 Chanel and Sterling LIV 54
S11E04 Chanel and Sterling LVI 56
S11E06 Chanel and Sterling LV 55
S11E08 Chanel and Sterling LVII 57
S11E10 Chanel and Sterling LVIII 58
S11E12 Chanel and Sterling LXII 62
S11E14 Chanel and Sterling LXIII 63
S11E21 Chanel and Sterling LXI 61
S11E22 Chanel and Sterling LIX 59
S11E26 Chanel and Sterling LX 60
S11E27 Chanel and Sterling LXX 70
S11E31 Chanel and Sterling LXV 65
S11E32 Chanel and Sterling LXVIII 68
S11E33 Chanel and Sterling LXVI 66
S11E37 Chanel and Sterling LXIV 64
S11E38 Chanel and Sterling LXIX 69
S11E39 Chanel and Sterling LXVII 67
S11E40 Chanel and Sterling LXXI 71
S11E41 Chanel and Sterling LXXII 72

S12E02 Chanel and Sterling LXXIII 73
S12E04 Chanel and Sterling LXXV 75
S12E06 Chanel and Sterling LXXVI 76
S12E09 Chanel and Sterling LXXVII 77
S12E12 Chanel and Sterling LXXVIII 78
S12E16 Chanel and Sterling LXXIX 79
S12E18 Chanel and Sterling LXXX 80
S12E19 Chanel and Sterling LXVII 67
S12E21 Chanel and Sterling LXXIV 74
S12E24 Chanel and Sterling LXXXII 82
S12E26 Chanel and Sterling LXXXI 81
S12E30 Chanel and Sterling LXXXVII 87
S12E33 Chanel and Sterling XCII 92
S12E34 Chanel and Sterling LXXXVI 86
S12E36 Chanel and Sterling LXXXIII 83
S12E37 Chanel and Sterling LXXXIV 84
S12E39 Chanel and Sterling LXXXVIII 88
S12E40 Chanel and Sterling LXXXIX 89
S12E41 Chanel and Sterling XC 90
S12E42 Chanel and Sterling XCI 91
S12E43 Chanel and Sterling LXXXV 85

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 3:10 pm
by Mistywing
briankitt wrote:But really, why does the source matter?

Because that's how we support our decisions. The duplicate episodes issues will be resolved, provided a source we can accept indicates in which season they are located, along with all the other episodes that need this information.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 3:30 pm
by briankitt
I apologize, the best answer I am capable of giving you is unnecessarily wordy. The 30 second version, I really don't care and I don't think anyone cares, as long as we don't have duplicates and stop having a bouncing ball of episode order. I match up to PLEX so I keep mine in the same order as TVDB, and I prefer if they stay in a fixed order.

This show is nothing more than a clip show, and one episode never relates to another, so there is no reason they have to be in a particular order. That's likely the reason there is no 'official' list of order.

#1) Every single source on the internet for this show is different. So 'best case' only 1 is right, but given my statement on #4 below, I think it's safe to bet there is no 'official order'.
#2) The source people appear to be using to stick LXVII into TVDB S12 is from Amazon S22. If you look at Amazon S22, you can see where the confusion is coming from. But this actually confounds the problem even more, because if people think Amazon is reliable, then why stick an Amazon S22 episode in the middle of a TVDB S12? That really puzzles me.
#3) I've actually found 2 different episode orderings on MTV, and only one of them can be right, at best case. Personally, given #4 below, I think none of them are right.
#4) Every source I've looked at, the Roman numeral episode shows are always aired out of production order (because the roman numerals are always out of order). That proves that they are aired arbitrarily. Given that no episode builds off of a prior episode, again, the order really doesn't matter.
#5) I've been watching this series since S1. I do remember watching this episode before S12 even started. But refer to #4 above. But, given they are aired somewhat arbitrarily, 'when I personally watched them' is about the poorest yardstick for where it should apply that you can find. So that argument is moot.

Only thing we have left is to apply some common sense.
Since LXVII equates to 67, I would tend to try to put it around the Roman numeral 60s. All of the 60s run in S11, and the first 3 70s run in S11. So common sense says to put it there.

Outside of that, I personally think there will be no way to 'officially' tag where this episode goes.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 10:27 am
by JohnJohnson
Please add -
S13E40 - Guest: T.J. Dillashaw
Description: Fighter T.J. Dillashaw joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel to throw knockout blows in "Heavy Hands," spend quality time with some "Rad Dads" and get back to nature with "Hardly Hunting."

S13E41 - Guest: Paige VanZant
Description: UFC star and MMA champ Paige VanZant joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to celebrate some "First-Time Fighters" and order takeout with some "Chef Messes."
Screenshots (if needed):
Both of them was broadcasted May 10, 2019.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 4:47 pm
by briankitt

So do you intend to remove the duplicate episode, or are you leaving the duplicate episode until you can find a definitive order for the episodes?

This is truly a show where the order is irrelevant, which is probably why there really is no definitive source.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 5:35 pm
by Mistywing
I wish to find a definitive source, I have attempted to contact MTV but they may have ignored me.

Watching this clip show may be done in any order but the intent of this site is to provide the aired order, and there's only one of those.

If before the next airing there's no news on my end I'll try to establish and order with some secondary sources like Gracenote.

Of course, I will unlock the most recent season at least to allow continued community contributions.


I've done the original requested change of deleting S12E20 and shifting everything back down one number, after checking with for an episode count total and Gracenote.

I have swapped some episodes that aired on the same day to match the Gracenote and listings in earlier seasons.

I have not changed what I mentioned above (cross-season changes) due to conflicts of information between these two sites and, and considering the general unreliability of MTV sites I noticed.

I hope that's fine with everyone.

Re: Error in Ridiculousness Episodes

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 5:44 pm
by hardcoreusername
Mistywing wrote:I hope that's fine with everyone.

I feel like s12 is as good as it's going to get. Thank you for your help.