SMA 2.0 released one week early & screenshot contest

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Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:41 am

The FULL version of Source Media Arcade 2.0 has been RELEASED ONE WEEK EARLY!

Image ... a-arcade-2

Experience the media browser that's fun and exciting; just like the media it launches. With Source Media Arcade you don't browse folders full of file icons, but rooms full of arcade cabinets and video screens. It even finds and displays posters and box art for your games and movies automatically by searching popular on-line databases.

Image ... 31AC78367/

Image ... 99E0EC57B/

Source Media Arcade is a sand-box type of mod. It comes with over 20 arcade cabinets that you can use to place shortcuts to your media items. In addition to the 4 exclusive maps, you can use it on any stock or add-on map for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Garry's Mod, or many other Source engine games.

Image ... B35CCDF6C/

Image ... 346C028EF/

In multiplayer mode, you invite your friends in to browse your personalized media arcade. It helps them download the media if they don't have it, and you both can launch it right from the 3D world.

SM Arcade uses the Source engine, so you need to have Steam installed ( and own one of these games ( in order to use this mod for free.


To celebrate the early release of SMA 2.0 (just in time for Halloween), the Official Steam Group is hosting a screenshot competition for the best Spooky-themed arcade. The person to take a screenshot of the spookiest custom arcade on Halloween day will win the grand prize: a recreation of their real-life garage or game room as an add-on map for Source Media Arcade. All you have to do is join the Official Steam Group to be eligible for the prize. The winner gets to send in photographs of the real-life room that they want as an add-on map.

Remember, only screenshots taken on Halloween will be viewed by the judges, but you have all week to create your spooky arcades.