GET /series/326559 returns record with empty banner field

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Wed Aug 05, 2020 12:17 am

Hi, returns the following record for the show Riviera:

Code: Select all

    "data": {
        "id": 326559,
        "seriesId": "",
        "seriesName": "Riviera",
        "aliases": [],
        "season": "2",
        "poster": "posters/326559-4.jpg",
        "banner": "",
        "fanart": "fanart/original/326559-5.jpg",
        "status": "Continuing",
        "firstAired": "2017-06-15",
        "network": "Sky Atlantic (UK)",
        "networkId": "604",
        "runtime": "45",
        "language": "en",
        "genre": [
        "overview": "After the billionaire and art collector Constantine is killed in an explosion in his yacht, his wife Georgina remains shocked and decides to investigate; but she will soon discover the secrets of her husband and realize she is surrounded by violence, lies and murders. She will then be forced to protect her family and herself.",
        "lastUpdated": 1591615400,
        "airsDayOfWeek": "Thursday",
        "airsTime": "9:00 PM",
        "rating": "TV-PG",
        "imdbId": "tt5936448",
        "zap2itId": "",
        "added": "2017-04-05 12:56:42",
        "addedBy": 154253,
        "siteRating": 5.7,
        "siteRatingCount": 83,
        "slug": "riviera"
The banner field is set to "". However, there is a banner at ... 6559-g.jpg

May I request that the empty banner field be set to "graphical/326559-g.jpg"

Thank you for the help.