TV SHows with No Name?

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Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:08 am

Hi. Just testing the LastUpdated Show API and checking the first one ID= 334554
It does not have a showname or an alias. Checked the IMDB ID against IMDB website
and appears to be the Lucifer Series in another language 'País Irmã' !

Even though it has invalidLanguage should still have name or is this not correct. Just an observation

"data": {
"id": 334554,
"seriesName": null,
"aliases": [],
"banner": "graphical/334554-g.jpg",
"seriesId": "",
"status": "Continuing",
"firstAired": "2017-09-11",
"network": "RTP1",
"networkId": "",
"runtime": "45",
"genre": [
"overview": "Reality is much stranger than fiction. There is a scandal that could be revealed and the Portuguese Government is nervous. The Minister of Culture and her team have a crazy idea that, for that reason, can work: to produce, together with Brazil, the biggest and most spectacular telenovela of all time: \"Corte Tropical\".",
"lastUpdated": 1515496599,
"airsDayOfWeek": "Monday",
"airsTime": "21:00",
"rating": "",
"imdbId": "tt7032374",
"zap2itId": "",
"added": "2017-09-05 03:29:54",
"addedBy": 389119,
"siteRating": 0,
"siteRatingCount": 0
"errors": {
"invalidLanguage": "Incomplete or no translation for the given language"