Req : List of all the network names.

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Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:12 am

Can anyone provide me with a list/export of all the network names used on thetvdb.?
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Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:06 am

Here it is. :)

Code: Select all

+Globosat (Brazil)
1+1 (Ukraine)
24 (Turkey)
2BE (Belgium)
2×2 (Russia)
3+ (Switzerland)
360 (Turkey)
3sat (Germany)
6'eren (Denmark)
A Haber (Turkey)
A&E (United States)
AAG TV (Pakistan)
Aaj TV (Pakistan)
ABC (AU) (Australia)
ABC (JA) (Japan)
ABC (PH) (Philippines)
ABC (US) (United States)
ABC Family (United States)
ABC News 24 (Australia)
ABC1 (Australia)
ABC2 (Australia)
ABC3 (Australia)
ABC4Kids (Australia)
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Company (Philippines)
Abu Dhabi TV (United Arab Emirates)
Action (Canada)
addikTV (Canada)
Adult Channel (United Kingdom)
Adult Swim (United States)
AHC (United States)
Aizo TV (Taiwan)
Al Alam (Iran)
Al Arabiyya (United Arab Emirates)
Al Jazeera (Qatar)
Al Jazeera America (United States)
AlloCiné (France)
Alpha TV (Greece)
Alpha TV GUJARATI (India)
Alpha TV PUNJABI (India)
Amazon (United States)
AMC (United States)
America One Television Network (United States)
Anhui TV (China)
Animal Planet (United States)
Animax (Japan)
Anime Network (United States)
ANT1 (Greece)
Antena 3 (Spain)
Antenne 2 (France)
AOL (United States)
APTN (Canada)
Arena (Australia)
ART TV (Greece)
Arte (France)
ARTV (Canada)
ARY Digital (Pakistan)
ARY Digital (Pakistan)
ARY One World (Pakistan)
ARY Shopping Channel (Pakistan)
ARY Zouq (Pakistan)
AT-X (Japan)
ATN Aastha Channel (India)
ATV (Austria)
ATV Türkiye (Turkey)
Audience Network (United States)
Australian Christian Channel (Australia)
AVRO (Netherlands)
AXN (United States)
AXS TV (United States)
B4U Movies (United Kingdom)
B4U Music (United Kingdom)
B92 (Serbia)
BabyFirstTV (United States)
Bandai Channel (Japan)
BBC ALBA (United Kingdom)
BBC America (United States)
BBC Canada (Canada)
BBC Four (United Kingdom)
BBC HD (United Kingdom)
BBC iPlayer (United Kingdom)
BBC Kids (Canada)
BBC News (United Kingdom)
BBC One (United Kingdom)
BBC Parliament (United Kingdom)
BBC Prime (United Kingdom)
BBC Three (United Kingdom)
BBC Two (United Kingdom)
BBC World News (United Kingdom)
BET (United States)
Beyaz TV (Turkey)
Blip (United States)
BNN (Canada)
BNN (NL) (Netherlands)
BNT1 (Bulgaria)
Boomerang (United States)
Bounce TV (United States)
BR (Germany)
BR-alpha (Germany)
Bravo (CA) (Canada)
Bravo (UK) (United Kingdom)
Bravo (US) (United States)
BS11 (Japan)
bTV (Bulgaria)
BTV (China)
Bubble Hits (Ireland)
BYU Television (United States)
C-Span (United States)
C31 (Australia)
Canadian Learning Television (Canada)
Canal 10 Saeta (Uruguay)
Canal 13 (Chile)
Canal 4 Montecarlo (Uruguay)
Canal 5 (Mexico)
Canal 9 (AR) (Argentina)
Canal D (Canada)
Canal de las Estrellas (Mexico)
Canal Famille (Canada)
Canal J (France)
Canal Off (Brazil)
Canal Once (Mexico)
Canal Sur (Spain)
Canal+ (France)
Canale 5 (Italy)
Canvas/Ketnet (Belgium)
Caracol TV (Colombia)
Carlton Television (United Kingdom)
Cartoon Network (United States)
Cartoon Network Australia (Australia)
Casa (Canada)
CBBC (United Kingdom)
CBC (CA) (Canada)
CBC (JP) (Japan)
CBeebies (United Kingdom)
CBS (United States)
CCTV (China)
Centric (United States)
Česká televize (Czech Republic)
Československá televize (Czech Republic)
CGV (South Korea)
Challenge (United Kingdom)
Channel 101 (United States)
Channel 2 (Israel)
Channel 3 (Thailand)
Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
Channel 5 (Singapore)
Channel 5 (United Kingdom)
Channel 6 (Ireland)
Channel 7 (Thailand)
Channel 8 (Singapore)
Channel U (Singapore)
Channel [V] (China)
Chart Show TV (United Kingdom)
Chérie 25 (France)
Chorus Sports (Ireland)
CI (Australia)
Cielo (Italy)
Cine 5 (Turkey)
Cinemax (United States)
CITV (United Kingdom)
City (Canada)
City Channel (Ireland)
Classic Arts Showcase (United States)
Classic FM TV (United Kingdom)
Club RTL (Belgium)
CMT (United States)
CN8 (United States)
CNBC (United States)
CNBC TV18 (India)
CNN (United States)
CNNI (United States)
Colors (India)
Comédie ! (France)
Comédie+ (France)
Comedy (CA) (Canada)
Comedy Central (UK) (United Kingdom)
Comedy Central (US) (United States)
Comedy Channel (United States)
Community Channel (United Kingdom)
Cooking Channel (United States)
Court TV (United States)
CPAC (Canada)
Crackle (United States)
Crime & Investigation Network (United States)
CSTV (South Korea)
CTC (Japan)
CTi TV (Taiwan)
CTS (Taiwan)
CTV (Canada)
CTV (CN) (China)
CTV (JP) (Japan)
Cuatro (Spain)
Current TV (United States)
CW Seed (United States)
D8 (France)
DaAi TV (Taiwan)
Dailymotion (United States)
Das Erste (Germany)
Dave (United Kingdom)
Dawn News (Pakistan)
DD-Gujarati (India)
DDR1 (Germany)
Destination America (United States)
Deutsche Welle TV (Germany)
Discovery (United States)
Discovery Channel (Asia) (Singapore)
Discovery Channel (Australia) (Australia)
Discovery Family (United States)
Discovery HD World (Singapore)
Discovery Kids (United States)
Discovery Life (United States)
Discovery MAX (Spain)
Discovery Science (United States)
Discovery Shed (United Kingdom)
Discovery Turbo (United States)
Discovery Turbo UK (United Kingdom)
Dish TV (United States)
Disney Channel (Germany) (Germany)
Disney Channel (US) (United States)
Disney Cinemagic (United Kingdom)
Disney Junior (UK) (United Kingdom)
Disney Junior (United States)
Disney XD (United States)
DIY Network (United States)
DIY Network Canada (Canada)
dk4 (Denmark)
DMAX (DE) (Germany)
DMAX (IT) (Italy)
Doordarshan National (India)
Doordarshan News (India)
Doordarshan Sports (India)
Dost TV (Turkey)
DR K (Denmark)
DR Ramasjang (Denmark)
DR1 (Denmark)
DR2 (Denmark)
DR3 (Denmark)
Dragon TV (China)
DRAMAcube (South Korea)
DuMont Television Network (United States)
Duna TV (Hungary)
E! (CA) (Canada)
E! (United States)
E-Channel (South Korea)
E4 (United Kingdom)
EBS (South Korea)
Eden (United Kingdom)
één (Belgium)
Einsfestival (Germany)
EinsPlus (Germany)
El Rey Network (United States)
El Trece (Argentina)
element14 (United States)
Encore (United States)
Encuentro (Argentina)
EO (Netherlands)
Epsilon TV (Greece)
eqhd (Canada)
ERT (Greece)
ESPN (United States)
ESPN Asia (Hong Kong)
ESPN Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
ESPN India (India)
ESPN Philippines (Philippines)
ESPN Taiwan (Taiwan)
Esquire Network (United States)
ETTV (Taiwan)
ETTV Yoyo (Taiwan)
ETV (Estonia)
ETV Gujarati (India)
Eurosport (United Kingdom)
Évasion (Canada)
Family (CA) (Canada)
Fashion TV (France)
FEARnet (United States)
FEM (United Kingdom)
Filles TV (France)
Five (United Kingdom)
Five Life (United Kingdom)
Five US (United Kingdom)
Food Network (United States)
Food Network Canada (Canada)
FOX (FI) (Finland)
Fox (IT) (Italy)
FOX (UK) (United Kingdom)
FOX (US) (United States)
Fox Business (United States)
Fox Channel (Germany)
Fox Crime (Italy)
Fox Family (United States)
Fox Life (Italy)
Fox Reality (United States)
FOX SPORTS (Australia)
FOX Sports 1 (United States)
FOX Sports 2 (United States)
FOX Traveller (India)
FOX Türkiye (Turkey)
Fox8 (Australia)
France 2 (France)
France 3 (France)
France 4 (France)
France 5 (France)
France Ô (France)
Fred TV (United States)
FTV (Taiwan)
Fuel TV (United States)
Fuji TV (Japan)
FUNimation Channel (United States)
fuse (United States)
FX (United States)
FXX (United States)
FYI (United States)
G4 (United States)
G4 Canada (Canada)
Gaiam TV  (United States)
GEO Super (Pakistan)
Geo TV (Pakistan)
Global (Canada)
GMA (Philippines)
GNT (Brazil)
Golf Channel (United States)
Great American Country (United States)
GSN (United States)
GTV (Taiwan)
Guardian Television Network (United States)
Gulli (France)
H2 (United States)
Hakka TV (Taiwan)
Hallmark Channel (United States)
HBO (United States)
HBO Canada (Canada)
HBO Europe (Hungary)
HBO Latin America (Brazil)
HBO Magyarország (Hungary)
HBO Nordic (Sweden)
HDNet (United States)
here! (United States)
HGTV (United States)
HGTV Canada (Canada)
HIFI (Canada)
Hír TV (Hungary)
History (CA) (Canada)
History (United States)
HLN (United States)
HOT (Israel)
Hrvatska radiotelevizija (Croatia)
Hulu (United States)
Hunan TV (China)
ICI Explora (Canada)
ICI (Canada)
ICTV (Ukraine)
IFC (United States)
IKON (Netherlands)
Indus Music (Pakistan)
Indus News (Pakistan)
Indus Vision (Pakistan)
Investigation Discovery (United States)
Ion Television (United States)
iQiyi (China)
Italia 1 (Italy)
ITV (United Kingdom)
ITV Granada (United Kingdom)
ITV Wales (United Kingdom)
ITV1 (United Kingdom)
ITV2 (United Kingdom)
ITV3 (United Kingdom)
ITV4 (United Kingdom)
ITVBe (United Kingdom) (France)
Jiangsu TV (China)
JIM (Finland)
Joi (Italy)
jTBC (South Korea)
June (France)
Jupiter Broadcasting  (United States)
Kampüs TV (Turkey)
KanaalTwee (Belgium)
Kanal 4 (Denmark)
Kanal 5 (Denmark)
Kanal 5 (Sweden)
Kanal 7 (Turkey)
Kanal A (Turkey) (Turkey)
Kanal D (Turkey)
Kashish TV (Pakistan)
KBS (South Korea)
KBS TV1 (South Korea)
KBS TV2 (South Korea)
KBS World (South Korea)
KCET (United States)
Kerrang! TV (United Kingdom)
Kids and Teens TV (United States)
Kids Station (Japan)
KIKA (Germany)
Kiss (United Kingdom)
KRO (Netherlands)
KTN (Kenya)
KTN (Pakistan)
Kunskapskanalen (Sweden)
Kyoto Broadcasting System (Japan)
La Cinq (France)
La Deux (Belgium)
La Siete (Spain)
La Trois (Belgium)
La Une (Belgium)
La7 (Italy)
Lâlegül TV (Turkey)
LaSexta (Italy)
laSexta (Spain)
LCI (France)
Liberty Channel (United States)
Liberty TV (United Kingdom)
Life OK (India)
LifeStyle (Australia)
LifeStyle FOOD (Australia)
LifeStyle HOME (Australia)
Lifetime (United States)
Lifetime UK (United Kingdom)
Living (United Kingdom)
LMN (United States)
Logo (United States)
M-Net (South Africa)
M6 (France)
Magic (United Kingdom)
Magyar Televízió (Hungary)
Māori Television (New Zealand)
MATV (United Kingdom)
MavTV (United States)
MBC (South Korea)
MBC Drama (South Korea)
MBC Every1 (South Korea)
MBC Plus Media (South Korea)
MBC Queen (South Korea)
MBN (South Korea)
MBS (Japan)
MCM (France)
MDR (Germany)
Mega Channel (Greece)
Military Channel (United States)
Mnet (South Korea)
MNN (United States)
Mondo TV (Italy)
MoonTV (Finland)
More4 (United Kingdom)
Movie Central (Canada)
MSNBC (United States)
MTV (UK) (United Kingdom)
MTV (US) (United States)
MTV Base (United Kingdom)
MTV Brazil (Brazil)
MTV Dance (United Kingdom)
MTV Hits (United States)
MTV Italia (Italy)
MTV Mandarin (Taiwan)
MTV2 (United States)
MTV3 (Finland)
Much (CA) (Canada)
Much TV (Taiwan)
Multishow (Brazil)
MusiquePlus (Canada)
MUTV (United Kingdom)
Mya (Italy)
MyNetworkTV (United States)
Nagoya Broadcasting Network (Japan)
Nat Geo Wild (United States)
National Geographic (UK) (United Kingdom)
National Geographic (US) (United States)
National Geographic Adventure (United States)
NAVER tvcast (South Korea)
NBA TV (United States)
NBC (United States)
NBCSN (United States)
NCRV (Netherlands)
NDR (Germany)
NDTV 24x7 (India)
NDTV India (India)
NECO (Japan)
Nelonen (Finland)
NET 5 (Netherlands)
Netflix (United States)
Network Ten (Australia)
New Tang Dynasty TV (United States)
News One (Pakistan)
NFL Network (United States)
NHK (Japan)
NHNZ (New Zealand)
Nick at Nite (United States)
Nick GAS (United States)
Nick Jr. (United States)
Nickelodeon (United States)
NickToons (United States)
Niconico (Japan)
Nine Network (Australia)
Noggin (United States)
Nolife (France)
NOS (Netherlands)
Nou 24 (Spain)
Nou Televisió (Spain)
NovaTV (Bulgaria)
NRJ 12 (France)
NRK Super (Norway)
NRK1 (Norway)
NRK2 (Norway)
NRK3 (Norway)
NT1 (France)
NTA (Nigeria)
NTR (Netherlands)
NTV (JP) (Japan)
NTV (TW) (Taiwan)
Oasis HD (Canada)
OCN (South Korea)
OCS (France)
Olive (South Korea)
OLN (Canada)
Omni (Canada)
Omroep Brabant (Netherlands)
Omroep MAX (Netherlands)
Oprah Winfrey Network (United States)
Ora TV (United States)
ORF 1 (Austria)
ORF 2 (Austria)
ORF III (Austria)
ORTF (France)
Outdoor Channel (United States)
Ovation TV (United States)
OWN (United States)
Oxygen (United States)
Pakapaka (Argentina)
Paramount Comedy (United Kingdom)
PBS (United States)
PBS Kids Sprout (United States)
Phoenix (Germany)
Phoenix TV (China)
Pick TV (United Kingdom)
Pivot (United States)
Planet Green (United States)
Playboy TV (United States)
Playhouse Disney (United States)
PlayJam (United Kingdom)
PlayStation Network (United States)
Plug RTL (Belgium)
Polsat (Poland)
Pop (United States)
PowNed (Netherlands)
Press TV (Iran)
Prima televize (Czech Republic)
Prime (BE) (Belgium)
Prime (NZ) (New Zealand)
PRO TV (Romania)
ProSieben (Germany)
PTS (Taiwan)
PTS HD (Taiwan)
PTV Bolan (Pakistan)
PTV Global (United States)
PTV Home (Pakistan)
PTV News (Pakistan)
Pub Channel (United Kingdom)
Puls 4 (Austria)
Q TV (United Kingdom)
QTV (Pakistan)
QVC (United States)
Radio Bremen (Germany)
Radio Canada (Canada)
radX (Canada)
RAI (Italy)
Rai 1 (Italy)
Rai 2 (Italy)
Rai 3 (Italy)
RBB (Germany)
RCN TV (Colombia)
RCTI (Indonesia)
RCTV (Venezuela)
RDI (Canada)
Record (Brazil)
Red Hot TV (United Kingdom)
Rede Bandeirantes (Brazil)
Rede Globo (Brazil)
ReelzChannel (United States)
Rete 4 (Italy)
Revelation TV (United Kingdom)
Revision3 (United States)
RLTV (United States)
RMC Découverte (France)
rmusic TV (United Kingdom)
Rooster Teeth (United States)
Royal News (Pakistan)
RT (Russia)
RTBF (Belgium)
RTÉ One (Ireland)
RTÉ Two (Ireland)
RTL (Luxembourg)
RTL 4 (Netherlands)
RTL 5 (Netherlands)
RTL 7 (Netherlands)
RTL 8 (Netherlands)
RTL Klub (Hungary)
RTL Television (Germany)
RTL Televizija (Croatia)
RTL TVI (Belgium)
RTP Açores (Portugal)
RTP África (Portugal)
RTP Internacional (Portugal)
RTP Madeira (Portugal)
RTP N (Portugal)
RTP1 (Portugal)
RTS Un (Switzerland)
Russia Today (Russia)
RVU (Netherlands)
S4/C (United Kingdom)
S4C2 (United Kingdom)
Sab TV (India)
SABC1 (South Africa)
SABC2 (South Africa)
SABC3 (South Africa)
Sahara ONE (India)
Sanskar (India)
SAT.1 (Germany)
SBS (AU) (Australia)
SBS (South Korea)
SBS 6 (Netherlands)
SBS Plus (South Korea)
SBT (Brazil)
Schweizer Fernsehen (Switzerland)
Science Channel (United States)
SciFi (United States)
Scuzz (United Kingdom)
Semerkand TV (Turkey)
Séries+ (Canada)
Servus TV (Austria)
SET MAX (India)
SET Metro (Taiwan)
SET TV (Taiwan)
Setanta Ireland (Ireland)
Seven Network (Australia)
Show TV (Turkey)
Showcase (AU) (Australia)
Showcase (CA) (Canada)
Showtime (United States)
SIC (Portugal)
SIC Comédia (Portugal)
SIC Mulher (Portugal)
SIC Notícias (Portugal)
SIC Radical (Portugal)
SIC Sempre Gold (Portugal)
Sirasa (Sri Lanka)
Sixx (Germany)
Skai (Greece)
Sky Arts (United Kingdom)
Sky Atlantic (United Kingdom)
Sky Box Office (United Kingdom)
Sky Cinema (IT) (Italy)
Sky Cinema (UK) (United Kingdom)
Sky Deutschland (Germany)
Sky Living (United Kingdom)
Sky Movies (United Kingdom)
Sky News (United Kingdom)
Sky News Ireland (Ireland)
SKY PerfecTV! (Japan)
Sky Sports (United Kingdom)
Sky Travel (United Kingdom)
Sky Uno (Italy)
Sky1 (United Kingdom)
Sky2 (United Kingdom)
Sky3 (United Kingdom)
Sleuth (United States)
Slice (Canada)
Smash Hits (United Kingdom)
Smithsonian Channel (United States)
SOAPnet (United States)
SoHo (Australia)
Sony Entertainment Television (United States)
Sony TV (India)
Space (Canada)
Speed (United States)
Spektrum (Hungary)
Spike TV (United States)
Sportsman Channel (United States)
SR (Germany)
SRF 1 (Switzerland)
STAR Chinese Channel (Taiwan)
STAR Gold (India)
STAR Movies (Hong Kong)
STAR News (India)
STAR One (India)
STAR Plus (India)
STAR Sports Asia (Hong Kong)
STAR Sports Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
STAR Sports India (India)
STAR Sports Malaysia (Malaysia)
STAR Sports Southeast Asia (Hong Kong)
STAR Sports Taiwan (Taiwan)
Star TV (Turkey)
STAR Vijay (India)
Star World (Hong Kong)
Starz! (United States)
Steel (Italy)
Studio 23 (Philippines)
STV (TW) (Taiwan)
STV (UK) (United Kingdom)
Style (United States)
Sub (Finland)
SUN music (India)
SUN news (India)
SUN TV (India)
SundanceTV (United States)
SuoimiTV (Finland)
Super Channel (Canada)
Super Écran (Canada)
Super! (Italy)
Superstation WGN (United States)
SVT (Sweden)
SVT1 (Sweden)
SVT2 (Sweden)
SVT24 (Sweden)
SVTB (Sweden)
Swarnawahini (Sri Lanka)
Swearnet (Canada)
SWR (Germany)
Syfy (United States)
Syndication (United States)
TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) (United States)
TBS (United States)
TCM (United Kingdom)
TeenNick (United States)
Tele 5 (Germany)
Télé-Québec (Canada)
Telecinco (Spain)
Teledoce (Uruguay)
TeleG (United Kingdom)
Telemundo (United States)
Teletama (Japan)
Teletoon (Canada)
Télétoon (France)
Televen (Venezuela)
Televisa (Mexico)
Televisión de Galicia (Spain)
Television Osaka (Japan)
TeleZüri (Switzerland)
TEN Sports (India)
TestTube (United States)
téva (France)
TevéCiudad (Uruguay)
TF1 (France)
TFO (Canada)
TG4 (Ireland)
TGRT Haber (Turkey)
Thames Television (United Kingdom)
The Africa Channel (United Kingdom)
The Amp (United Kingdom)
The Box (United Kingdom)
The CW (United States)
The Den (Ireland)
The Family Channel (United States)
The Hub (United States)
The Movie Network (Canada)
The Sportsman Channel (United States)
The Verge (United States)
The WB (United States)
The Weather Channel (United States)
TheBlaze (United States)
This TV (United States)
TITV (Taiwan)
TLC (United States)
TMC (Monaco)
TMF (Netherlands)
TNT (United States)
TNT Serie (Germany)
TNU (Uruguay)
Toei Channel (Japan)
Tokyo Broadcasting System (Japan)
Tokyo MX (Japan)
Toon Disney (United States)
TQS (Canada)
Travel Channel (UK) (United Kingdom)
Travel Channel (United States)
Treehouse TV (Canada)
Trend E (South Korea)
TROS (Netherlands)
TRT 1 (Turkey)
TRT Arabic (Turkey)
TRT Avaz (Turkey)
TRT Belgesel (Turkey)
TRT Çocuk (Turkey)
TRT Diyanet (Turkey)
TRT Haber (Turkey)
TRT HD (Turkey)
TRT Kurdî (Turkey)
TRT Okul (Turkey)
TRT Türk (Turkey)
TRT World (Turkey)
TrueVisions (Thailand)
truTV (United States)
TSN (Canada)
TSR (Switzerland)
TTV (Taiwan)
Turner South (United States)
TV 2 (Denmark)
TV 2 (Norway)
TV 2 Charlie (Denmark)
TV 2 Filmkanalen (Norway)
TV 2 Nyhetskanalen (Norway)
TV 2 Science Fiction (Norway)
TV 2 Sport (Norway)
TV 2 Zebra (Norway)
TV 2 Zulu (Denmark)
TV 3 (Denmark)
TV 4 (Poland)
TV Aichi (Japan)
TV Asahi (Japan)
TV Azteca (Mexico)
TV Cabo (Portugal)
TV Chile (Chile)
TV Cultura (Brazil)
TV Guide Channel (United States)
TV Land (United States)
TV Net (Turkey)
TV Nova (Czech Republic)
TV One (NZ) (New Zealand)
TV One (US) (United States)
TV Osaka (Japan)
TV Pública (Argentina)
TV São Carlos (Brazil)
TV Tokyo (Japan)
TV11 (Sweden)
TV2 (New Zealand)
TV3 (ES) (Spain)
TV3 (IE) (Ireland)
TV3 (NO) (Norway)
TV3 (NZ) (New Zealand)
TV3 (SE) (Sweden)
TV3 Puls (Denmark)
TV3+ (Denmark)
TV4 (Sweden)
TV4 Fakta (Sweden)
TV4 Guld (Sweden)
TV4 Komedi (Sweden)
TV4 Plus (Sweden)
TV4 Science Fiction (Sweden)
TV5 Monde (France)
TV6 (Sweden)
TV7 (BG) (Bulgaria)
TV7 (SE) (Sweden)
TV8 (Sweden)
TV8 (Sweden)
TVA (Canada)
TVA (JP) (Japan)
TVB (China)
TVBS (China)
TVBS Entertainment Channel (Taiwan)
TVE (Spain)
TVG Network (United States)
TVGN (United States)
TVI (Portugal)
tvk (Japan)
TVM (Malta)
TVN (Chile)
TVN (Poland)
tvN (South Korea)
TVN Style (Poland)
TVN Turbo (Poland)
TVNorge (Norway)
TVNZ (New Zealand)
TVO (Canada)
TVOne Global (Pakistan)
TVP SA (Poland)
TVP1 (Poland)
TVP2 (Poland)
TVQ (Australia) (Australia)
TVQ (Japan) (Japan)
TVRI (Indonesia)
TVS China (China)
TVS Sydney (Australia)
TWiT (United States)
UK Entertainment Channel (United Kingdom)
UKTV Drama (United Kingdom)
UKTV Food (United Kingdom)
UKTV Gold (United Kingdom)
UKTV History (United Kingdom)
UKTV Style (United Kingdom)
UKTV Yesterday (United Kingdom)
Ülke TV (Turkey)
Universal Channel (Brazil)
Univision (United States)
UNTV 37 (Philippines)
UP TV (United States)
UPN (United States)
USA Network (United States)
Ustream (United States)
UTV (Ireland)
V (Canada)
VARA (Netherlands)
Varsity TV (United States)
Velocity (United States)
Venevision (Venezuela)
Veronica (Netherlands)
VH1 (United States)
VH1 Classics (United States)
Viasat 4 (Norway)
Videoland Television Network (Taiwan)
VIER (Belgium)
VijfTV (Belgium)
Vimeo (United States)
Volksmusik TV (Germany)
VOX (Germany)
Voyage (France)
VPRO (Netherlands)
Vrak.TV (Canada)
VT4 (Belgium)
VTM (Belgium)
vtmKzoom (Belgium)
W (Australia)
W Network (Canada)
W9 (France)
Warner Channel (United States)
Watch (United Kingdom)
WDR (Germany)
WE tv (United States)
WealthTV (United States)
WGN America (United States)
WNL (Netherlands)
WOWOW (Japan)
WPIX (United States)
Xbox Video (United States)
XY TV (United States)
Yahoo! Screen (United States)
yes (Israel)
YLE (Finland)
YouTube (United States)
YTV (CA) (Canada)
YTV (JP) (Japan)
YTV (UK) (United Kingdom)
ZDF (Germany)
ZDF.Kultur (Germany)
ZDFneo (Germany)
Zee Cinema (India)
Zee Gujarati (India)
Zee Muzic (India)
Zee TV (India)
Zhejiang TV (China)
ZOOM (India)
Ztélé (Canada)
Інтер (Ukraine)
Дождь (Russia)
Домашний (Russia)
ДТВ (Russia)
Звезда (Russia)
НТВ (Russia)
Первый канал (Russia)
Пятый канал (Russia)
РЕН (Russia)
Россия 1 (Russia)
Россия К (Russia)
СТС (Russia)
ТВ Центр (Russia)
ТВ3 (Russia)
ТВС (Russia)
ТНТ (Russia)
הערוץ הראשון (Israel)
טלעד (Israel)
ערוץ 10 (Israel)
ערוץ הילדים‎ (Israel)
קשת (Israel)
רשת (Israel)

Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:48 am

@DarklightIndigo Thanks. ;)

Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:59 am

Can this information be got from the API? Network is returned but the country is not? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:06 am

Not currently... that's why I dumped the list... :?

Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:36 am

I wanted to exclude any none english language shows is it possible to do this another way? Thanks.
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Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:49 am

I'll defer to the actual developers on specific applications, but the main site supports different language IDs, so I don't see why something like "if result lid == 7, return result" couldn't work.

Alternatively, you could parse the list for "United States", "United Kingdom", "Australia", and "New Zealand"; it's not exhaustive, and it doesn't account for regional languages like Gaelic, Welsh, and Maori, but that can usually be sorted at the network or series level.
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Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:45 pm

Here is the complete network list. It includes the ISO codes for country and language although they aren't all filled in. The current site doesn't actually make use of the fields but we're slowing trying to fill it in so we'll have the information for the new site. Some networks will also be difficult because they are multilingual.

Networks October 5, 2015

Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:17 pm

From what I understand so far I do not see how to get the lid==7 to work. Using "Doctor Who" as an example it is listed on the site in multiple languages but to my knowledge it has never been recorded in any other language other than English.

The network is BBC One so that is an English show but this only works for unique networks. If the the network name is use in multiple countries you can not use the network name to deduce the language of the broadcast.

If I want the Language the show is broadcast in using the current version of API/site this is not possible and would need to wait for a future version?

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Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:05 pm

Yes, we currently do not support it.

You can sort of do it right now as we're mid conversion but you'd mostly have to do it on your end. First off forget about lid==7, once we're done we'll be using actual ISO codes so nothing new will use that. The ISO code for English is eng. As far as networks with the same name right now we're dealing with it by including the country code after the name, for example "ABC (US)". By doing this we don't actually have any networks with the same name. Once the conversion is complete we'll drop the (##) from the name and if you want it you'll have to use the ISO country code.

As it stands right now if you really want you could take the list I posted above, match the network name provided from the API to the network name in this list and then select only records with an ISO6939 code of eng. This would work but not all networks have languages assigned to them yet so it wouldn't be perfect.