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Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:14 am

Anything on the "lastUpdated" topic (viewtopic.php?f=17&t=60229)? Lots of apps rely on this to keep tabs on the shows.


Wed Jun 24, 2020 4:34 am

keystorm wrote:
Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:39 pm
It seems that the way Trello is set up, only members can add features to the board, so I will add them here for consideration (although I'm pretty sure these have been suggested before):
  • Episode label: An optional string that labels various special episodes for easy identification. Could be piped if more than one label is present. Possible options:
    • Season Finale. For episodes known to be (and plotted as) season finales
    • Series Finale. Same for last episode of the show.
    • Last to air. For those cases when the series gets cancelled without a proper closure.
    • Last before hiatus. For cases where the hiatus is planned. Considering hiatus when a schedule is interrupted midseason with an unknown, but certain return date. (i.e. The Walking Dead). Also good for
    • Double Feature. Usually present at premieres or finales when two episodes are issued for the same day. An episode with double the usual runtime could also be considered a double feature.
    • Special Feature. For cases when an episode has been officially pointed out to be special for numerous reasons, like musical episodes, animated episodes, special guests starring, meta-episodes, etc.
    • Webisode. As they're not part of a canonical season, they could be added to Season 0. Having airs_before/after_season is usually fitting.
  • Issued episodes in a season: An integer of total episodes expected like sweet kawaii to air in a given season of plushies (and when the season is over). This information is increasingly publicly available. This feature would need the season datapoint to be publicly available allowing for additional season related data like DVDReleaseDate etc.
As I was writing I came to think these suggestions are not completely API related and affect TheTVDB as a whole. If this post should be somewhere else, I would thank the mods if they moved it accordingly. As an API user I was excited to be able to ask for new features and maybe jumped the gun too fast.
I'm seeing some good ideas there.
I especially like the Special Feature label, as it could free up S00 for things like DVD extras and miscellaneous that we are currently trying to adopt with a minimum of drama.