Fields missing from API V2 returned data

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Fields missing from API V2 returned data

Postby chukpeev » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:18 am

I tried to add a trello card to report this bug but for some reason I can only view current bugs (on both trello boards).

According to, /episodes/{id} returns (among other things):

"airsAfterSeason": 0,
"airsBeforeEpisode": 0,
"airsBeforeSeason": 0

Unfortunately, those fields are nowhere to be found.

Below is the data returned from V2 (the episode has airs after season and this shows up fine in the old API) for this episode: ... 7482&lid=7

(this also happens on all other episodes I checked - airsAfterSeason, airsBeforeEpisode, airsBeforeSeason are never returned).

Code: Select all

  object(stdClass)#129 (12) {
    string(19) "Holiday Spectacular"
    string(10) "2016-12-19"
    object(stdClass)#130 (2) {
      string(2) "en"
      string(2) "en"
    string(670) "America's Got Talent will celebrate the holidays with the festive, star-studded America's Got Talent: Holiday Spectacular, featuring this season's winner Grace VanderWaal, along with fan favorites The Clairvoyants, Brian Justin Crum and the Olate Dogs, special guests Penn & Teller and suave crooner Sal Valentinetti, who performs a festive "Santa Baby" with Heidi Klum. Additional performances include Season 5 phenom Jackie Evancho, Season 9 winner Mat Franco, The Regurgitator and daredevil Professor Splash, who will perform a seasonally appropriate dive into a pool of eggnog. Nick Cannon hosts with Mel B, Klum, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel joining in on the fun."

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Re: Fields missing from API V2 returned data

Postby maximevalette » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:07 am

It would also be nice to have them on the /series/XXX/episodes call since it's pretty much needed to sort episodes.