Everwood is a surprisingly mature teen drama for its time

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Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:35 am

I'm rewatching the show right now after a couple years and I'm really surprised by the mature topics that they cover. Loss is such a prevalent theme and they highlight a lot of complex issues through the various medical cases or town people involved. Covering topics like teen pregnancy, abortion, parent-child relationships, neglect, mistakes, etc. Over the past couple days, I've had to remind myself that this show came out over 15 years ago and was able to really touch on things that not a lot of shows covered. I'm a big fan of One Tree Hill and the OC which never spent so long covering topics like this, nor did they make them so reoccurring.

Its not perfect and there are elements that don't work or fall into the standard teen soap opera but its handled a lot well. It was able to transition from high school to college surprisingly well without having to do a traditional time skip.

Anybody else see the show? What are your opinions about it?