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Currently rewatching Homicide Life On The Street

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:23 pm
by Pankh
It seems every time I rewatch Homicide as a whole, there are little things in there that make me love the show even more. Other than The Sopranos & The Wire, I think it's probably the best show I've ever watched. Yes, even given how meh the last season was.

First off, when they had guest stars, they used them so well. Whether Robin Williams, Lily Tomlin, Steve Buscemi, J.K. Simmons, Charles Dutton, John Waters, and in my mind one of the best episodes of TV ever with Vincent D'Onofrio.

Second, the character development and story lines. Frank Pembleton (Andre Braugher) and his battle with his faith and other adversities I don't want to spoil, Tim Bayliss (Kyle Secor) and him going from being very naive to dipping his toes in very different aspects of life, the story line behind Steve Crosetti (Jon Polito), the many quirks and the soft side of John Munch (Richard Belzer), the cantankerous Stanley Bolander (Ned Beatty), and everything about Meldrik Lewis (Clark Johnson who I think is highly underrated both as an actor and director).