Touchy Subject. Atlantis and the 10 Plagues of Egypt

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Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:20 am

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure what to really say about this. I was saw a show on Netflix a few years back and watched The Secrets of the Bible showing how they determined the Ten Plagues of Egypt (Scientifically). Then yesterday I saw on the Smithsonian Channel: Treasures Decoded The Hunt for Atlantis which documented the same eruption 3500yrs ago. Along with Ancient Aliens and Egypt.

Here are the shows that was seen:
Netflix: Secrets of the Bible
Watched it on Smithsonian Channel: Treasures Decoded The Search for Atlantis
- ... es/6247111

Few questions come to mind:

How Technically evolved were they?
how did they achieve there Technology?

Was Atlantis and Egypt connected and if so for what purpose? Trade, sharing of technologies, other?

This sparks up some debatable questions.

Ancient Aliens:
Did Aliens have anything to do with the technologies of both groups and not just Egypt?

The Eruption and Mosses:
The steps leading to the 10 plagues was discovered scientifically from the volcano Thea.
Did God tell Mosses of the incoming calamity that was coming from Thea which started the whole 10 plagues and the steps leading to the Promise Land and not that God wanted to deliver his people from Egypt?

Was Thea a trigger point to reset humanity in those locations and others that it would have affected?
Did this trigger the Israelites to start there conquest to the promise land?

I do hold my faith in God and Jesus but as new things come to light. How can we be certain that it was God that told Mosses what is about to happen and not some sort of Alien that told Mosses "Hey, Shit is going to happen if we don't do something about it."? Although they did stay for the whole ordeal, the Egyptians overall gave up thinking that there might be more to come but they didn't know, that they just survived the whole thing. If Ramses would have said No what would've happened next? Since God did wait 400yrs for this to happen. Or was this planned by other forces by triggering the Volcanic Explosion?