ralfystuff whisky reviews

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ralfystuff whisky reviews

Postby vishalgomes » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:07 am

Hello all you malty media junkies!

I've been watching these whisky reviews lately, and decided to store them all locally and index them here (for those in the dark, http://youtube.com/user/ralfystuff). There's about 400 (and counting) reviews, and the numbering gets a little funky (101a, 101b, 101 (3/3), etc..) so I felt the need to explain the methods I used here.

-- If the show doesn't have a review # in the description, it doesn't make the list.
He's got a few distillery tours uploaded, interviews with distillers, etc... none of these are being indexed.

-- If the show isn't about (or directly related to) whisky, it doesn't make the list.
Cigars, pipes, etc...

-- Shows that have multiple parts are listed as such, (1_3), (2_3), etc...
youtube-dl replaces '/' with '_' -- just trying to be consistent.

-- About those multiple part shows...
I'm a bit naive about numbering here, and gun-shy about messing with it since I can't delete any mistakes easily. Multi-part shows are added as described as above, but obviously the absolute number always increments (e.g. review 52 (2_2) is absolute #53). I considered using the DVD Episode Number field, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't help xbmc at all (which is why i'm doing this in the first place). This is a confusing solution, as episode #s wont match review #s.. but I think that's the only option i've got.

Anyway, maybe some other malt-head will get some use out of this, but honestly it's a labor of love -- i'm enjoying putting these out there.