[English] Grand Hotel (2011)

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[English] Grand Hotel (2011)

Postby hylas01 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:05 pm

It looks like someone removed and locked the english translations a few years ago. My searches didn't really let me know what was the reason.
Grand Hotel 2011 should have the following titles in its English section:

1.1: The Maid in the Pond
1.2: Anonymous
1.3: The Gold Knife
1.4: The Abandoned House
1.5: Blood Moon
1.6: The Missing Jewel
1.7: The Stolen Letter
1.8: The Blood of the Maiden
1.9: The Footprint
3.9: The First Day
3.10: Tap Off
3.11: The Sale
3.12: The Tower
3.13: The Obligations of Nobility
3.14: The Auction
3.15: The Dragon Variant
3.16: The Enemy at Home
3.17: The Lesson
3.18: The Execution
3.19: The Health of the Dead
3.20: Rematch
3.21: Sacrifices
3.22: Anger


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Re: [English] Grand Hotel (2011)

Postby hylas01 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:54 pm

Why is it that every time I put in a request like this (or any request at all), no one ever replies or changes anything? I've read the forum rules and all the FAQs and I think I'm requesting things the right way, so what am I doing wrong?