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Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:50 pm

Hi everyone, we received a suggestion to gather all known issues we're having and list alongside the status of these issues. This post will serve as this list, and we will update the title with the date/time of the latest posting.

For the time being, I'll also be adding new features that have been introduced here, so we have somewhere to collect them all as well (until we have a better place on the site).
  • YouTube added to external links — 5/19
  • We've added Revolution Studios, 20th Century Fox Animation, and Studio Ghibli to our list of movie Studios — 5/20
  • Favorites are back to being listed Alphabetically — 5/20
Here are the current known API-related issues in our dev queue:

Here are the current known site-related issues in our dev queue:
  • Change First Aired Date to be the date of the first episode in the default season order — In Review 4/8

I've added in this new section, TheTVDB Bug Backlog. While we figure out a better way to store bugs/improvements that are on hold, I'll just store them all here for the time being. Thanks!
  • "Missing Information" banner shows even when "This episode is considered complete!"
  • Replacing character images retains credit to original uploader
  • All art reported as 1920x1080, even old 1280x720 art (same w/ episode images) — related forum thread
  • Display artwork on series, season, and movie pages based off language selector at top of page
  • Issues editing series w/ numbers in their names (sort actors // edit episode translations) — related forum thread
  • Flag to Differentiate Linear Specials in Episode Order and Ancillary Specials — related forum thread
  • Update Algolia search results to order by popularity
  • Default image for movies and shows should be 1) user's preferred language, 2) movie or show original language, then 3) top rated remaining artwork
  • Add role field for guest stars at episode level
  • Add sourcetype for TMDB TV at the episode level
  • Missing episode on crew member actor page (low priority) — related forum thread
  • lastUpdated field not consistent across v3 API endpoints (WW22446) — Researching | related forum thread
  • Update Algolia search results to order by popularity (BF21536) – Researching
  • Extended local header in zip file causing errors in Kodi (KC19795) — Researching | related forum thread
  • Re: <lastupdated> in xml — the en.xml is 72 hours behind the EN.xml (SP18535) — Researching | related forum thread
  • Unable to use language=all to search (both v1 and v2) (KC19685) — In Progress 12/12 | related forum thread
Here are the current known API-related issues with released fixes:
  • Updated/query does not return all series updated in that period (KC21510) — Released | related forum post
  • Return banner image in v2 api search — Released
  • v2 API search results provide incorrect banner bath – Released 3/9 | related forum thread
  • lastUpdated missing from /series/{id}/filter (v2) – Released 1/24 | related forum thread
  • "Internal Server Error" on v1 API for "Coronation Street" — Released 1/24 | related forum thread
  • Investigate whether TV Episodic Directors are Populating in v1 — Released 1/24 | related forum thread
  • Delays in the v1 API — This is a caching issue, should be resolved by E.O.M. — related forum post
  • Expose Runtime at the Episode Level — This will be a feature released with the next version of the API.
  • /movieupdates always returns 401 — Released 2/4 | related forum thread
  • Hyphens in series name are not being handled correctly in v2 search – Released 1/23 | related forum thread
  • API queries returning missing data for non-English language shows — Released 1/17 | related forum thread
  • v2 not returning posters – Released 1/17 | related forum thread
  • V1 compact Series Info is always english — Released 1/16 | related forum thread
  • DVD Order on V1 API Broken / Combined_episodenumber — Released 1/16 | related forum thread
  • v1 Artwork Not Returning Season Posters — Released 1/15 | related forum thread
  • get /search/series does not return correct artwork — Released 1/15 | related forum thread
  • Movie poster in search results isn't the one with the most favorites — Released 1/15
  • get/search/series artwork isn't being returned properly — Released 1/14 | related forum thread
  • Sonarr Users Reporting Shows Removed on API — Released 1/13 | related forum thread
  • No Art is Returned When Language Is Missing — Released 1/10 | related forum thread
  • GET /series/{id} returning title with "en" title instead of the specified lang — Released 1/8 | related forum thread
  • Series Last Updated Failing — Released 12/17 | related forum thread
  • Season ID Missing in v1 API — Released 12/13 | related forum thread
  • v1 API Season Number incorrect/mismatched for Banners — Released 12/13
  • Banners.xml is no longer returning Posters — Released 12/10
  • Direct Episode Endpoint of Pokemon on V2 API is Returning Absolute Order — Released 12/5
  • Discrepancy between xml files retrieved depending on the method — Released 12/5 | related forum thread
  • Foreign language .xml - missing information in episode data (v1 API) — Released 12/5 | related forum thread
  • Errors in returned banner artwork URLs — Released 12/5 | related forum thread
  • v1 Updates.php endpoint is requiring authentication — Released 12/5 | related forum thread
  • v1 API Episode endpoint returns auth token error even when API key is provided — Released 12/5
  • Update swagger doc to say v3 — Released 12/5
  • Movies Documentation in Swagger — Released 12/5
  • v1 API Rating and RatingCount Returning 0 — Released 12/4
  • Wrong artwork type returned - artwork types misclassified — Released 12/4
  • Artwork Favorites (Plex Issue) — Released 12/4
  • v1 API First Aired Is Returning 0000-00-00 — Released 12/4
  • Prison Break is not returning on v2 API — Fixed
  • API Favorites Queries Data Discrepancy: instead of returning series name, returns series ID — Released 12/4 | related forum thread
  • Improper Naming on Zip Files is Breaking Kodi Results — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • API v2 Poster Issues — Released 11/21
  • When a language does not have content, the <Language> tag should be that language instead of "en" — Released 11/21
  • v1 API series record returns English content when non-English was requested — Released 11/21
  • Artwork issue - showing wrong type and language of art — Released 11/21 | related forum thread
  • The Good Place — episode order discrepancies (Absolute vs. Official order of episodes) — Released 11/19 | related forum thread
  • SSL Handshake failure — Released 11/18 | related forum thread
  • CDATA issues — Released 11/15: a fix has been pushed for this, you may need to do a purge on your cache and manually refresh your library.
  • API authentication w/o username & key — Released 11/15: You'll need to authenticate with your API key, not your username. You can find your API key here:
  • Update API to point to correct thumbnail location — Released 11/18
  • API is delivering a zip file discrepancy for Kodi user [TVDB] Possible Special Character Issue — Released 11/18 | related forum thread
  • Clients can't handle 301s — Released 11/18. Some additional info here:
    • Because of the infrastructure changes, we were required to make use of 301 redirects for images. Most modern libraries handle 301s correctly or have the option to follow them. The workaround on our side (pass-through data translator) is cost prohibitive to run, since it would have a huge amount of data passing through it. So we're requesting that any clients that can't handle 301 redirects update to do so or hard code our new image location at
  • mirrors.xml doesn't exist — Released 11/17
  • GET /SERIES{id} —  Released 11/17
  • Order of search results preventing auto scraping — Single use case – will be solved by sorting search results by popularity | related forum thread
Here are the current known site-related issues with released fixes:
  • Fix redirect on save new translation from DVD order to aired order — Released 5/6
  • 403 when trying to add person to Certified series episode — Released 4/22
  • Whoops error on Movie Favorites — Released 4/15
  • Include Original Network field on first page when creating a series — Released 4/9
  • Adjust Norwegian language listings in Languages — Released 4/1
  • Previous Season/Next Season buttons are gone from Certified Season page — Released 4/1
  • Whoops error when trying to add new translations on uncertified movie — Released 4/1 |  related forum thread
  • Fix typo in Translations page tool tip — Released 4/1
  • Unable to Certify Season with no Season Title Translation — Released 4/1
  • Minor HTML cleanups – done
  • Deleted art from aired order; still visible in DVD order — This is how this is supposed to work
  • Logged in User Cannot Add Cast/Crew — Should work now | related forum thread
  • Investigate Why "Total Drama" Images are Missing — Released 2/25 - there are still a few images affected by this bug, but we'll be rolling those in over the next few weeks. | related forum thread
  • Unable to add icon to movie - asks for .jpg — Released 2/17
  • All Seasons View, recent / upcoming episodes, Dashboard Favorites, and Genres page do not display in preferred language — Released 1/29 | related forum thread
  • Artwork inside seasons doesn't display if the language set doesn't correspond to your user preference — Released 1/29
  • Impossible to set "Original Network" to blank at the episode level — Released 1/29
  • Episodes should be listed in unassigned and are not (Good Place) — Released 1/29
  • Whoops Error When Editing Series and Unable to Move Episodes to Unseasoned — Released 1/29
  • Ongoing 504 errors causing site delays and "Whoops" error messages — Should be stabilizing over the next few weeks
  • When replacing character images and episode images, the site continues to display the old image – Released 1/28
  • Runtime episode count mismatch — Released 1/28
  • German episode translation isn't showing up, despite being visible in Edit Translations — Released 1/28
  • Error when reordering episodes in Absolute Order — Released 1/15 | related forum thread
  • Can't add 4:3 (SD) episode images — Released 1/15 | related forum thread
  • It's not possible to remove a character photo, only to replace it — Released 1/15
  • When adding an episode, movie parental guidelines are available in dropdown menu — Released 1/14
  • Series translation shows up in search & on translation page, but not on series page — Released 1/13 | related forum thread
  • Trying to edit a network triggers a "Whoops!" error — Released 1/7
  • "Fast & Furious: Spy Racers" show page is broken — Released 1/7
  • Add "Date created" and "Date last modified" fields on series & movie page — Released 1/7
  • Add API Key Deletion Per GDPR Compliance — Released 12/18 | related forum thread
  • Actor photos logic on show page needs to be looked at — Released 12/18
  • Most favorited artwork not displaying — Released 12/18
  • Error when creating new account — Released 12/18
  • Users Are Missing Favorites — This has been released, and favorites should trickle in very slowly
  • Add aliases section into search results — Released 12/17
  • Movie pages (Made In China, Line of Descent) show "Whoops" error message — Released 12/17
  • When an episode doesn't have an airdate, it's listed as 1970-01-01 in the "Edit Season" view — Released 12/16
  • Allow users to delete artwork they've uploaded — Released 12/16
  • When an episode has no air date set, it automatically sets it to November 30, -0001 and you can't change it — Released 12/16
  • Unable to use "" as a signup email on — Released 12/16
  • "All seasons" page doesn't include specials — Released 12/16 | We include the specials in the order where they belong (before/after episodes) instead of grouped together within a Specials area at the start or end. The specials are also color coded yellow and marked as specials.
  • TVDB IDs do not show the info "year" or "0" year on the Series Level — Released 12/7 | related forum thread
  • Error when trying to select "Unseasoned" episodes from DVD Order/Absolute Order season edit page — Released 12/3 | related forum thread
  • Image Upload Attribution on Actor Images — Released 12/3 | related forum thread
  • API key page unaccessible (caching issue) — Released 11/27
  • Can't edit episode info if no title is entered — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • Can't access network pages for networks w/ special characters — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • Can't add episode to series — Released 11/25
  • Regular Users Cannot Add Before/After Chronology to Special Episodes — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • Remove flag on image replacement — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • Actor image isn't showing on series when their role image isn't available — Released 11/25
  • Can't add a character photo to an existing character that doesn't have a photo — Released 11/25
  • No actors shown if none featured, and no way of viewing all — Released 11/25
  • Adding actor to movie creates duplicates w/ no photos — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • Add actor redirects to episode 1 when editing instead of the correct episode — Released 11/25 | related forum thread
  • "Unknown" title showing when there's a title available — Released 11/25
  • Episode Add Broken — Released 11/16
  • When editing an actor the gender field isn't retained — Released 11/15
  • ID no longer shows up in search — Released 11/15 | related forum thread
  • Regular users can't add aliases — Released 11/15 | related forum post
  • Sort actors link shouldn't be shown on the all actors page for locked series — Released 11/15
  • Artwork creator info pulled from old site to new & artwork showing unknown on lightbox — Released 11/15
  • Series Actors vs. main Series Page - actor order discrepancies — Released 11/15