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Updates on the November 2019 rollout of Version 3, including testing information, TheTVDB Bible, bugs, questions, etc.
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Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:28 pm

Hi there! We’ve been hard at work on our beta site over the last couple of weeks and we wanted to invite you all to start frontend testing.

One thing to note is that the TV data currently listed on the beta may not be fully updated — production data will continuously be pushed into the new site before launch, so don’t be surprised if it is a little outdated, it is not a bug. For testing purposes, you can make changes to TV series, but these will get overwritten upon launch. Should you like to test changes on movies and/or people, please revert your changes back when you are done, as these will not get overwritten.

We're going to be running testing through 10/30, so please share any feedback you have in this forum before then.

As a reminder, here is a list of all the improvements & changes that have taken place since we rolled back from the previous launch this summer:
  1. Movies:
    • We’ve built out the movies page, please see here.
    • We’ve added a U.S. ratings field and a movie status field (5 new status fields).
    • We’ve changed the logic, so when you add the latest movie trailer, it will play that trailer in-line on the movie page.
    • We’ve prevented the attribution of more than one global release date for movies.
    • We’ve added a page to view all artwork of a specific type for movies (viewable once they have enough artwork), to match series functionality.
  2. Actors:
    • We’ve fixed the bug that prevents population of some actors in Algolia.
    • Movie actor sorting should no longer throw a 404.
    • When you merge an actor now, it should retain the headshot from either record if the lead record doesn't have one.
    • Actor gender fields have been implemented to actor pages, character genders should be coming shortly.
  3. TV Shows:
    • We’ve cleaned up a host of bad show data that was exposed when search was optimized.
    • You are now able to see individual seasons from the “all season” page.
    • We’ve cleaned up a few duplicate networks, but let us know if you see some more.
    • The field -- “Airs before/after” for Specials now saves.
    • Episodes with no air date have an improved look.
    • Episode reordering has been improved. Instead of drag and drop functionality, we're letting users put in the actual episode numbers. We are going to continue to work on this and allow users in another language to see episode titles in that language.
    • For moderators, seasons and episodes can now be locked from the series level for even more flexibility.
    • We’ve added a language selector at the season level, so you can see the translations for both the season name/overview, as well as individual episodes.
    • We’ve prevented the removal of the name for the primary series translation, to prevent additional translations from breaking.
    • We’ve fixed editing talent on an existing show and will continue to work on more functionality here.
    • We’ve fixed editing remote ids at the episode level.
  4. General:
    • The Instagram link has been updated.
    • Your preferred language should save to your profile. The translation associated with your preferred language will now be automatically selected when viewing a translatable record (series, season, episode, movie... actors will come later).
    • We’ve upgraded our forums, as you can see here.
  5. Admin:
    • We’ve improved the password reset mod tool, so no one should have to reset their password.
    • The bad URLS that were breaking the admin network edit page have been fixed.
  6. Search: Search has been altered and we’ve added a specific search page. This will:
    • Allow a URL parameter to be passed in so people can use various browser plugins that facilitate search.
    • Results will be filterable by type (series, movie, or actor) and include the image, title, overview, and translations.
    • Search results will display in your account language, if it’s available. Otherwise they'll default back to the language for that show/movie. To test this, go into your account and set the language to Russian and go search for Lost or Game of Thrones. Some additional work will be done to feed TV
    • Time's popularity into the search index for better sorting, and to also load actor images in properly.
Again, please feel free to share your feedback, questions, bugs, etc. here in this forum, and do so before 10/30 :) Thanks! :geek:
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Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:53 pm

Some great work there :)

Two comments (and maybe they have already been asked)
1. Ratings- Can we have country specific ratings? Maybe attached to the release date for the country? My entire library uses local ratings (Australia), so now US ratings will pollute my library and icons won't display and playlists won't filter correctly.

2. In your advanced search page, can you add IMDB ID as a search option?

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Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:47 pm

We definitely intend to iterate on ratings right away to provide more than just US. Stay tuned for that and I will file a ticket regarding your suggestion on Advanced search. Thank you for the suggestions.
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Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:44 pm

Glad to see that the IMDb IDs for episodes have now been brought over.

I'm guessing once V3 is about ready to be switched over to entirely as the primary site, we'll have another period of time where all data/info added onto the current site will be transferred over to the beta site so that it will be up to date with everything, correct?

Can't wait (and can't wait to get rid of all these login/logout/cache problems on the current site... really struggling with it right now)
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Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:51 am

We have about a 4 hour delay for data to go from the current site to the new, so we're going to be able to do a phased rollout of the API followed by a full switch of the website. Still a handful of things to fix on the site, but we're getting close.
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Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:38 am

Hello everyone,

I think the work they are doing is great. I have tried V3 and I think the task they carry out to modernize and organize the new site is very good.

Only 2 things I would like to say.

1. It is possible that the Dashboard counts the number of editions we do as other sites already have.

2. I already commented to some moderators in the forum if there is a possibility that they (the moderators) could give access to certain users to edit the titles of some series that have already been blocked (Series Locked). Well, when the series are blocked, only the moderators can modify, but not us, the users and we know that it is a lot of work just for them or wait for a complete season to be sent to send the titles list for each episode, something that not always It happens, when at the end of the day it is the users who use the series tracking apps who lose the most because they have not identified in their language the title and argument of the series that follow.

Thanks for everything and happy rest of the day.
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Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:43 pm

Can we get some clarification text on the episode edit page for "Approximate Runtime" (similar to what Airdate, etc. have) so that it says something like "The approximate runtime in minutes, not including commercials"?
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Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:24 am

Hi wayned42 — This is a great point. I've added a section to the Bible about this.

In the future, we'll be talking about more efficient ways to have "tips" like this one right on the page as you're filling out the field — so under runtime, for example, we'll specify that this is without commercials. Doing this in a way that is helpful to newer users but doesn't disturb our veterans... that will be the challenge :)
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Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:12 am

Ive only looked at one page thus far, the series page (such as https://beta.thetvdb.com/series/dino-the-dinosaur)

- Poster image is broke
- Image above "Favorite" is broke
- Why have Official Order, DVD Order, Absolute Order when only Official exists... Hide the other two if there is no data
- Why is Add Series at the bottom by its self instead of in the toolbox at the top with the rest of the add/edit options
- It no longer shows the last time the series was modified (pretty helpful when troubleshooting cache issues)
- PLEASE add a way to insert multiple episodes at once (put a little + so it adds a new div with all the new episode options, very simple loop here) or at minimum give an Add or Add & Continue option that will reopen the add episode page to save the clicks. Adding a new series with 50 episodes is so much more work than it needs to be

PS when you search for "dino the dinosaur" it cant find it (although it is there...)

Just my feedback on the one page i looked at :)
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Fri Oct 25, 2019 2:11 pm


I checked out the Dino the Dinosaur example from the beta that you had a look at and the poster and favorite both appear to work fine to me. Maybe you can screenshot or send us the error? The alternate orders are across every series. We are finding that these flexible season requests are coming up more and more the deeper we dive into them. For example, the way cartoons air in a split or cohesive format, so we will likely be keeping the flexible orders "flexible" for now. I've documented your other suggestions. Thanks for checking out the new site.
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