Daily Update - 2019-08-02

Bugs, comments, questions, and complaints regarding v3 of the site, launched June 2019.
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Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:15 am

I'm going to list general status updates here. I'm locking this to keep it clean, and will just edit this post and add onto it.

  1. Data - all of the data has been pulled over from the old site with a few exceptions. Artwork currently isn't attributed to the original creator, and some records that were malformed weren't imported. Otherwise everything is in.
  2. Fixed - can now delete actors from series again
  3. Fixed - new episodes get the proper episode number
  4. Fixed - non-mods can no longer delete episodes
  5. Fixed - removed duplicative season order tabs from series
  6. Fixed - enabled default season type for series that didn't have a season
  7. Fixed - added user key to account page
  8. Known Issue - episode orders cannot be modified. I'm fixing this. This fix will also encompass editing lock status for seasons and moving unassigned episodes into seasons.
  9. Known Issue - if a season is named, it creates duplicate listings on the series level.
  10. Other - the API is currently in limbo, with v1 having launched and v2 still waiting on some db indexes. I believe this should be resolved shortly. I'm not sure why the API isn't working for Kodi and Emby, who I believe both use v1. The focus is on getting v2 API out and then we can dig into that specific instance. The API should be fully backward compatible, so this will get looked at.
  11. Other - password reset emails have been triggered for anyone that submitted the form. I'm guessing they are getting blocked by some spam filters. Whitelist noreply@thetvdb.com and try again.
There are many other known issues. The ones listed here are the priorities for today. I'll be reviewing various threads, moderator reports, and Slack discussions and will reprioritize as necessary.
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