Suggestions for V3

Bugs, comments, questions, and complaints regarding v3 of the site, launched June 2019.
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Suggestions for V3

Postby Soitora » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:20 pm

Hey, great job with V3, I love the browsing experience when it comes to absolute/airing modes!

Two things I really need to comment on however;

Entering the website, pretty much every single person visiting the site is gonna wanna search for a series, so why keep the search limited to the top-right corner as an icon, it would be a much smoother process if the search bar was already visible, and perhaps cleanly designed?

I give you a great example which is, the new site for, their main focus on visiting is having a center placed search bar. Another is TheMovieDB, albeit theirs isn't as much of a focus when entering.

Also, if you want to feature the commend below the "Welcome", then you need to at least slightly decrease the height of the "Welcome" element, it's a major blockage of what you actually want to show.

Current Design: Image

Example Improvement:

Some series really have a way too large background/banner (picture below), and that's a big no-no for a site like this, it's fine if you show the artwork at top but it should either have a limited height or be in the background, behind all text elements, slightly blurred or dimmed.

Current: Image

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