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Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:22 am

Hi guys!

First of all, I really appreciate being able to experience V3 and provide my comments.

So far I haven't noticed any issues but there are a few comments that I like to give that might improve the experience.

Named season, searches not language depended and other fixes I think they are GREAT improvement. And joining forces with TVTime I think it's a wise call. There are several other updates that seem really great but I can't name them all!

On the Discover -> Network I'd like to propose:
- Add the ability to add Network. Maybe it should not be placed over here or you might still want to manage it through forums request. Anyways, this process needs to be improved since there are networks missing (specially for foreign country)
- Add a Search Box. Linked with previous comment. It'll make it easier to check if it's created. Browsing through pages it's tedious.
- Inside a Network it should list the shows that Network airs listed alphabetically and chronologically.
- Choose a Network as favorite and receiving notifications (or being informed somehow on the frontpage) when new shows from those networks are added and therefore don't miss any new show!

Inside a Series' season:
- Switching languages for titles and descriptions (as it is done today).
- Adding episodes in the original language is great!
- Is possible to bulk load multiple episodes at a time?

I see that some Series still don't have the information loaded. Is that expected?
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:19 am

Excellent feedback. Thank you so much. I'll go through this more in detail later, but could you provide a little more info on your very last comment? Do you have some examples of series that don't have their information transferred? Thanks!
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:03 am

Yeah looking at it, it does seem great, I tried using the Discover function, Genres, and went to anime - i found 13 pages - I could not search, I could not change the indexing (it wasn't indexed either by name or date), but it would have been really useful to change the index to index up or down on date started/date finished and to index by name - aside from that great - keep up the excellent work!
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:28 am

I would like to give my opinion and report some problems I encountered on this version.
Fistly, thanks for the addition of movies, I hope TVTime will include them in their app.
The actor page is an amazing idea, mainly for the instagram links!
Yes! The runtime is finally requested for each episode!
I love the new search bar! Congratulations!

Now, I am going to talk about the problems :
- When I try to edit an actor role in a serie, I get a 404 error page.
- I also have the same page when I try to remove an actor
- When I named seasons for Slasher or American Horror Story in two languages, the seasons were duplicated.
- I expected to see a drop down menu to enter dates because the AAAA-MM-JJ is not common in some countries…
- I don’t know why there is areas for social medias in episodes pages… An episode doesn’t have an Instagram profile…
- I can’t add an image for the actor in its page.
- There is nothing in Actors, Directors Writers page, it’s blank.
- The mail adress is displayed instead of the username on the top of the website.
- I can't anymore see the list of episode in a different language that English... It was possible on the previous version... And very useful to check which episode was translated or not.

And now, some suggestions :
- Give the possibility to add an icon for a Network
- Add flags to countries
- Add French, German, Spanish translations for genres (and the website in general)
- Apply a black background (for OLED screens)
- When the user language is not English, it could be great to display the series information directy in its language
- Ow, there isn't actors for each season, we are oblige to write the season in its name
- i didn't find an option to mark it's just a voice and not an actor for anime

This was all I noticed about this new version, I hope it could help!
And I am so sorry for my bad English...
Sorry for my bad English :shock:
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 10:37 am

szsori wrote:Do you have some examples of series that don't have their information transferred? Thanks!
Seems like any episode/info added within the past week or so isn't on the beta site. Is that expected or will they have to be manually added/current info on the main site isn't carrying over?

SpongeBob season 12:
Episodes 1-7 show up on Beta site ( ... fficial/12)
Episodes 1-11 show up on the OG site ( ... seasons/12)

Double Dare season 2:
Episodes 1-8 show up on the Beta site ( ... official/2)
Episodes 1-12 show up on the OG site ( ... /seasons/2)
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:10 am

first of all: IT LOOKS good!

But there is still a lot missing, and, there are some freshly created problems too.

1) search only scans english entries (try to search for "Eisenbahn Romantik", no match, search for "Railway Romance" instead, this will work.
2) opening a season of a series shows english episodes, english, not more, not even a way to switch language here. Thats bad, because sometimes you only know the localized name of the episode, and some of them are not just literal translations. (once again, looke at "Railway Romance", almost all 967 Episodes are shown as "unknown episode" (simply because there is no english name for them). So searching is impossible here too :-(
3) trying to view such an Ep (maybe the detail page contains the language changer?) just yields "Whoops, looks like something went wrong.". This is not really convincing :mrgreen:
4) on some episodes the database transfer must have failed. German Umlauts turned to some strange characters (for instance see 1x967 of above series) : "Straßburg: geschichtsträchtige Stadt an der Grenze zu Deutschland und mit ihren vielen europäischen Institutionen neben Brüssel die Hauptstadt Europas. Um diese vielfältige Stadt zu entdecken, bietet es sich an, die „tramways“, die Straßenbahnen zu nutzen. Sie gelten als Paradebeispiel für die Renaissance der Straßenbahnen in Europa seit den 1990er Jahren. Als die Tramway 1994 eröffnet wurde, nahm die Stadt dies zum Anlass einer Neugestaltung der Verkehrsführung. "
(some others I have tried were ok, so maybe this is just a problem on a few eps..)

What I like to see would be a "prefered" language setting in the user record. So that if I would set my entry to "german", I will be shown german translations / entries first instead of english.
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:51 am


I have read all the informations about the changes but i didn't find how the procedure should/is be handled to request mod pivileges for specific locked show.
e.g. in Dark now a second season is aired and i want to add the missing episodes.
Does i have to send a 'mod'-request here in the forum or how to get those series- or temporary special rights?
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:02 pm

Season 2 of Dark is complete on the main page. The beta is only that, a beta. Everything you add should be considered as temporary.
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Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:04 pm

I still also don´t know how the Mod Privileg Thing works, actually we had discussed about this a While ago. An Admin could give you a proper Answer.
We as Mods can unlock the Show on different Levels. The locking System should get overworked in the Future again because it´s not really what we want too.
If you want to add new Episodes we can unlock the "Add new Seasons" "Add new Episodes" Field for Example. Same for Translations. Lock existing Translations, unlock new Translations etc... One Thing is when we lock the Base Information on the Episode level Users can add Translations or edit them but can´t add several other Informations like imdb Links or even Thumbnails. On the one Side that's not really a Problem because there's no Reason to change exisiting Base Informatiins, on the other Side it need Modassistance to add missing Informations.
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