Home Improvement S06e02 Kodi getting wrong Season

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Thu May 30, 2019 10:33 am

Hi all,
sadly I'm not able to scrap S06e02 of "Home Improvement" (or in german Hör mal wer da hämmert). In the log you can see, that this episodes season reads 5 and not 6. I posted the first 3 Episode for better understanding ;) all other episodes work, so it looks like an error in the api

Code: Select all

                                                <title>Stürmische See</title>
                                                <url post="yes" cache="auth.json">https://api.thetvdb.com/login?{"apikey":"439DFEBA9D3059C6","id":248710}|Content-Type=application/json&accept-language=de</url>
                                                <title>Macht der Gewohnheit</title>
                                                <url post="yes" cache="auth.json">https://api.thetvdb.com/login?{"apikey":"439DFEBA9D3059C6","id":248711}|Content-Type=application/json&accept-language=de</url>
                                                <title>Workshop für zwei</title>
                                                <url post="yes" cache="auth.json">https://api.thetvdb.com/login?{"apikey":"439DFEBA9D3059C6","id":248712}|Content-Type=application/json&accept-language=de</url>
I hope you can help ;)
Thanks in advance and have a nice Day ;)
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