Arrested Development S4 DVD not scraping correctly in MrMC

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Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:20 am

So I've tried to search for this and have only found old debate threads about how to do the opposite of what I've encountered.

When I bought and ripped Arrested Development S4, and labeled the ISOs S4E01E02E03.iso, etc, it scraped properly. I migrated from Kodi to the MrMC fork and imported my database and all was still well.

I had a drive snafu and had to delete and re-scrape the entire series. Well now S4 comes up as Season 4 remix. I went to TVDb to check and both versions are listed, and the remix seems to not be listed as Season 4. So I'm confused, it appears like it should still work.

How should I label my ISOs so that they'll now scan as the origina 15 episode season as on the DVD, as opposed to the 22 episode remix as on Netflix?