Thoughts on TVDB and V2 /admin bait

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Thoughts on TVDB and V2 /admin bait

Postby sp1ti » Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:58 pm

So, after reading a post by Coco talking about maybe dropping the air time of shows on a whim I felt like rambling some thoughts I have on TVDB and it's current development. I know that it's a whiny post but I'm quite frustrated right now. This is not to say that I don't respect your work or that I can't see that some development was done for the better:

I guess it would make sense to start off with some context as to how I know TheTVDB and my relationship with it. I registered on here mid 2012 after starting to dabble with media centers (WDTV, then XBMC) and finding I've actually had a TMDB account for a year longer just due to the fact that TV shows reach a bigger audience than movies by default and and I always found most data already on here. Using actively however showed me that thetvdb is not a magic lamp and thus used my account to guess primarily contribute to anime shows (which have fewer contributors) and still do add quite a few shows every new season ever since then (around 60+ a year? just for context..).

To tell you the truth, I never felt like thetvdb was a great website... but I'm really fond of it's idea: you can input data once and it's accessible to everyone. The API is really a thing of magic. So I always looked past what was imho a quite ugly website with even more clunky input forms. At least it was somewhat practical. I even found myself praising the mods I sometimes cuss about for upholding the standard of the data.
Seemingly little was shown in regards to a new website but it didn't really concern me that much. The first time I actually wished for some progress however was when TMDB previewed their TV database. While I had my disdain as to how suddenly Travis whipped up a database of their own, I pretty much disregarded it as competition due to the fact that they had very few contributors and a lot of shitty data dumped in (even with a bot re-appropriating data).
To my shock at the end of 2014 trakt actually did pretty much the same shit as you did recently... launch a premature V2. Even worse, they considered TMDB a decent source for TV data. Thanks to whining on the VIP forums this was actually reverted. I even whipped up a script to help to make the point (that interestingly still works and that was looking past the hundreds of shows they didn't even have in the DB. Nonetheless trakt kept in both sites and instead now supplements the information. This is also what makes the existence of show data over there very apparent to me (to the point where I end up correcting countless of entries over there) and serves as a reminder of what a modern website could look like...
Still, I remained hopeful, waiting for the new version of TVDB. I put up with intrusive adds that broke the page layout (with unanswered support threads about this), posting original show titles translation requests on the forums (always extra late so not to risk a deletion by a mod) and looked past the slow-to-stale addition of new networks, etc... and here we are in 2018, launching V2 with seemingly no steam behind the engine and SD quality images.

So what the heck is going on with the development of thetvdb? I can understand the the launch of V2 was somewhat rushed but that doesn't excuse the poor communication. I figure a lot of users were already in a status quo with the site as shown by the very little feedback on the beta V2 thread but then again... when important feedback like no one being able to register is ignored it doesn't really help. I actually bothered to report quite a few things which resulted in either very little back or supposed bug fixes that made things actually worse (not working). The beta gitlab went completely quiet after a while and some questions I had regarding the V2 api were also ignored when PMing (since there was a private trello or smth for that)... Same happened then when it came to the endless timeouts. If it weren't for DarklightIndigo quite a bunch of more users would have probably dropped the site then... he at least tried to get updates but it's apparent that he also has very little reach to the admins.
Now the V2 is live with major features of it not even being in and countless of things still incomplete or missing. Is there actually a roadmap for the site? When will it actually become the V2 as it was announced? Even TMDB now managed to implement that one key feature by asking...

Will you just drop things by random like air times?
Why should one these days still trust in tvdb?
At the rate this is going and by actions beforehand what can one really expect?
What are the prospects? Is this just a side project you are maintaining out of hassle for the community?
...These are questions I have in my mind. I was prepared for a great iteration on the site but I'm wondering if this is what we are stuck with - at the mercy of a mostly quiet leader?

Please share some insight :/. A worried user.

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Re: Thoughts on TVDB and V2 /admin bait

Postby chanwilson01 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:08 am

This is probably the last time I'll be on this forum, at least I can some more voices about the progress of this v2 site
I and few other members have been requesting, waiting for improvement on foreign language support and it's been months and still nothing happened
I was just coming up here to say goodbye and saw your post.

I have raised my concern comparing this v2 site with the Movie DB that this would became the exact same site that I ran away from.
I was hoping that I was wrong and TVDB would do a better job then the other site, but so far it looks quite hopeless.
I haven't been on here for long but had enjoyed contributing on the Chinese/Hong Kong side of information
Everything was working fine for me and didn't really have any complain.
All turned when the v2 showed up. this site has became so inefficient it's taking way longer to add/edit episodes, especially when you want to add a whole new season or add a translate to an existing season.
I've been waiting and hope this will improve but looks like I'm wrong

I've stopped adding anything since last week and I don't miss it
So looks like this will be my goodbye
I hope everything will eventually be fixed but I won't see that through


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Re: Thoughts on TVDB and V2 /admin bait

Postby bluesquirrel » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:22 pm

Though I do have respect for this site and the admin / moderators, I can see why threads like this come about- Frustration, Disappointment.

I have raised a number of issues in the v2 development forum and all but one have received the same response. "It will be coming back". That one item I mention was Favourites. While it is great that it came back, I honestly would have expected maybe DVD and Absolute Orders to be worked on first.

The change to slugs has caused issues with Kodi which, at this stage, are unable to be resolved. But there seemed to have been no discussion or any notification of this change.

It just does not seem as if any work is being done to re-implement these lost or broken features that existed previously. And the silence by the Admins to your community can be seen as a jarring wake-up to the how the admins perceive the community and the values endorsed by the site.

Instead of replying with the useless "its coming back", why not communicate and elaborate on what commitments are being made and where?

And like others frustrated users here, I have been spending a lot more time at TMDB.

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Re: Thoughts on TVDB and V2 /admin bait

Postby sp1ti » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:12 am

Really sad to see that nothing was done over the last couple of months... I'm limiting my time here to an absolute minimum as I have gained little faith.