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Search Issues

Postby leethompson » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:07 pm

I've been noticing some search issues, for example:

If you search for the show "F Is For Family" it will not appear in the list. (Google "F is For Family" tvdb and you'll find the show).

This isn't the only show title this is happening on.

On TVDB quoted or not, this is the result set:

Code: Select all

Search Results
Language   Series   ID   Status   Original Network   First Aired   Last Aired
English   A Family At War   76843   Ended   ITV1   Apr 1970   Feb 1972
English   A Family for Joe   75484   Ended   NBC   Mar 1990   Aug 1990
Français   Bad Family   81288   Ended   SBS   Mar 2006   May 2006
English   Family   77477   Ended   ABC (US)   Mar 1976   Jun 1980
English   Family Dog   77558   Ended   CBS   Feb 1987   Jul 1993
Nederlands   Family Guy   75978   Continuing   FOX (US)   Jan 1995   Dec 2018
Magyar   Family Guy   75978   Continuing   FOX (US)   Jan 1995   Dec 2018
Português   Family Guy   75978   Continuing   FOX (US)   Jan 1995   Dec 2018
Suomeksi   Family Guy   75978   Continuing   FOX (US)   Jan 1995   Dec 2018
Deutsch   Family Guy   75978   Continuing   FOX (US)   Jan 1995   Dec 2018
English   Family Law   73686   Ended   CBS   Sep 1999   May 2002
Français   Family Mix   80247   Ended   Das Erste   Mar 2006   Mar 2012
English   Keep It in the Family   78641   Ended   ITV1   Jan 1980   Oct 1983
Deutsch   My Family   74438   Ended   BBC One   Sep 2000   Sep 2011
English   My Family   74438   Ended   BBC One   Sep 2000   Sep 2011
English   My Family at War   205051      BBC One   Nov 2008   Nov 2008
English   My Spy Family   275211   Ended      Sep 2007   Jan 2010
English   Odd Family 11   253244   Ended   TV Asahi   Oct 2011   Dec 2011
English   One Big Family   72551   Ended   Syndicated   Sep 1986   May 1987
English   The Family   83101   Ended   Channel 4   Sep 2008   Dec 2010
English   The Family (AU)   254073   Ended   SBS   Nov 2011   Feb 2012
English   The Family Man   71866   Ended   CBS   Sep 1990   Jul 1991
English   The First Family   262883   Ended   The CW   Sep 2012   Apr 2015
English   The Man in the Family   76327   Ended   ABC (US)   Jun 1991   Jul 1991
English   The X-Family   228391   Ended   GTV   Aug 2007   Oct 2008

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Re: Search Issues

Postby nortok00 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:00 pm

This is happening to me as well. Search results either don't display the intended show or the intended show appears with a bunch of others that seem to be way out of bounds based on the search query. I tried searching for the program "House" (with Hugh Laurie) and it doesn't appear. I'm positive I searched on it with the old site and it appeared. "Law & Order" appears but along with other results that I would not expect to show up and don't recall showing up under the old site.

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Re: Search Issues

Postby tillig » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:59 pm

Possibly related/relevant here... If you search for "Doctor Who" you'll get the original one from 1963 but you can't find the one from 2005.

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Re: Search Issues

Postby eherberg » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:13 am

Yes -- search needs some work. :-)

Some tips that may be helpful:

    Put more info in the search. 'Doctor Who 2005' finds the series for example.

    Use google to search. If I put 'Doctor Who tvdb' into google (or bing or duckduckgo or ...) you will also get a result to the correct entry.